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XV1600 - Keeping the Brightwork bright

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Tomo201070, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Well I went and did it and got myself a XV1600 Roadstar and she's a beauty. Nice and big and bloody heavy if she leans too far over. 8,200km on the clock and she's been on the road since 2003.

    She's got a lot of brightwork on her (see pic) and I'd like some tips on keeping it nice and bright and the best ways for cleaning her.

    I look forward to hearing from you.



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  2. 1) Go easy on the hard spray wash etc. the less you wash, the better it is. Only wash if the bike is utterly muddy/caked on etc, and a normal wipe down would actually scratch it.
    2) Wax on, wax off...then Wax on, wax off again
    3) See (2)
    4) See Meguiar's range of Motorcycle cleaning/polishing stuff (I get mine at autobarn)
    5) Get a chrome polish tin/cotton swabs etc. Much better on the chrome (and very shiny-shiny!) than using anything else
    6) Use only microfibre cloths...and change them often. If one falls on the ground, get rid of it.
    7) Clean well and clean often. Use the Meguiar (or other) quick detailer for cleaning between waxes/washes
    8) Don't let rain/water dry on your bike-same goes for bug splatters. They contain some acid traces that will mark your paint/chrome and make it more difficult to clean later on
    9) Get a bike cover or garage it if you can. (Watch out for hot pipes melting the cover)
    10) Wash/clean the bike when it's cooled down - not only will you save yourself some burnt fingers, but the products you put on (and the clothes you use) won't melt on to the pipes and engine areas.
    10) Don't forget to take care of the seat with appropriate leather cleaning stuff. Nobody like a faded seat. Stick to the instructions and only use the chrome stuff on the chrome surfaces, the paint friendly cleaning stuff for the paint, and the vinyl/leather stuff for the seat.

    Hope this helps.

    Cleaning your bike often and well allows you to see if anything is out of place, or is starting to fall off.

    Cheers, and enjoy your baby!
  3. Congrats Mike, she is a beauty!

    8200km is low, hopefully you will get her out a bit more :)

    +1 for the Meguiars stuff - I use the detailer spray all the time with a microfibre cloth. It's great for a quick polish up before heading out.

    The only product of theirs I dont like is the EZ Clean. I used this once and it left stains on my tires. Might be great for getting grime off a dirt bike, but prob overkill on a cruiser.
  4. Tomo that s BEAUTIFUL. congratulations.. How much??
  5. my next door neighbour has the exact bike colour and all

    looks great lowered and white walls set it right off

    nice bike!
  6. Nice looking bike man :)