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Xtreme happiness

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by slowandsteady, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Went to Xtreme Clothing in Hoppers Crossing (Vic.) today to get some wet/cold weather clothing and gear. Once again very happy with Reece's help and time. Michelle and I both got cordura pants and jackets as well as gloves. Pricing was great and the Netrider discount was even better.
    Can highly recommend Xtreme as being worth a look for the price concious buyer....

  2. What's their address again... somewhere in an industrial estate yes?
  3. No 8 Elm Park Drive Hoppers Crossing.
    turn off Old Geelong rd at Barbeques Galore, turn right then left then 2nd factory on right.
    I think their address is on the Partner Discounts section.
  4. Can you give me an idea of how good their prices are? What was the item you bought and what price did you pay with and without the discount?
  5. Okey Dokey.

    We ended up getting:
    2 prs Goretex winter gloves (hard CF knuckles, kevlar, leather palms etc)
    2 prs Cordura (thermal lined) jackets with CE armour in the usual places (elbows, shoulders, back)
    2 prs Cordura (thermal lined) pants with CE armour (hips,knees)

    Gloves listed at $70 pr
    Pants at $140 and $170
    Jackets at $180 a pc.

    Total cost come in at $835 and we paid $750 with the Netrider Discount.

    Gear is all "MIR" branded and is of good quality using 3m materials.
    Quality stitching and spare press studs/buttons (more than I got with my AGV Sport Gear!!)

    Any queries, PM me and I'll send pics.


  6. I've got one of their leather jackets, but branded "Xtreme", not "Mir"

    The only issue I've had is the tab that folds across the neck and velcro's to the other side has lost some stitching, after around 18 months use (every day in winter when in Tas.)

    Take a coupla seconds to fix, but I hardly use it now (Use L-weight draggin jacket) and am extremely indolent.

    I reckon it's as good as other jackets I looked at, which cost around $100 more.
  7. I've also got an Xtreme (ladies) leather jacket, Iffracem, which I bought from a bike store in Hoppers (before discovering the Xtreme outlet, or knowing it was what is now the MIR* label). Haven't had any problems with it, but then have only had it a few months.

    I certainly echo all Cam's comments about the quality of the gear, and about the great service at Xtreme - just lovely local blokes who take you seriously no matter what your level of riding experience, offer great advice but without any pressure to 'sell sell sell'. Reece spent as much time chatting with my son about cricket as he did chatting with Cam and me about gear!

    From a female perspective, they have a good range of unisex gear (just go for the small sizes, especially with jackets) and a more limited ladies' line, but they are expanding. The cordura jacket I got yesterday is one of their new ladies' range, and fits beautifully. Pants were unisex, but still 'flattering' ... as much as CE padded, lined cold weather gear pants can ever be flattering to the female bum/hips/thighs! ... I bought my leather pants there a few months ago, a ladies' cut, and am so far very happy.

    But while we're handing out compliments to our local stores, we've always also found the guys/girls at City West Yamaha to be great as well - very friendly, happy to spend time even if you're just window shopping.
  8. G'day everyone,.....

    I have been to them and can say I am happy with them,in fact I took my sister to them to get her kitted out and she was very happy with what she got and the price she payed as well.

    Definatly worth a look before you buy.

    Dr Who?
  9. Ya cant complain with that discount because of a $5 NR membership. :cool:
  10. I bought some kevlar jeans from Xtreme (with knee padding) for $120, they also stock cargo pants and the cammo pants for the same price. Dunno how they satck up against Draggins or Hornee but the quality seems fine to me.

    I gotta get back there soon for a new jacket and some gloves. Very happy with the price and service from these guys, the NR discount is a bonus.

    for Nightgash:

    +1, I bought my bike, helmet, jacket, gloves and boots from City West and have since been back for bits and pieces, great bunch of guys there.