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XT660 LAMS Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Charles Ross, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. Hey All, Just got my L's and now researching bikes. I am 6'2 so not really into a small 250 but I still want as many horsies as I can get. I need it for sunny day commuting (approx 20mins) and fun round town. I was looking at dual purpose bikes (cause their big) i.e Honda Transalp, KLR650 etc but I dont need off road capabilities. So my latest un-educated plan is a 2005 model XT660X supermotard -apparently they are fast, fun and look pretty nice also. Can anyone give me some advice on this...other options etc?
    Much Appreciated

  2. Huh??

    Did u just re-post a post under a different title??

  3. yep, I stuffed up and dont know how to delete it?
  4. fair enough

    We might organise some sort of drinks night for Geeeeelong(ers) so u can come along and pick peoples brains about bikes..

    Sir Skuffy?
    .... :?:
  5. sounds like a great plan to me
  6. Hey Ross / Eve :)

    Sure, we can kick-it-in-Geelong. I will be away this long weekend putting around with 29 other crazy people.

    But, happy to get together next weekend for drinks in Geelong on either friday or saturday night - if you can wait that long. Talk bikes and things.

    Eve - can you set this up???? :)
  7. what do i look like - your pa?

    :p :twisted:

    Does the job come with perks??
  8. Yes, you are my Perk :LOL: :LOL:

    You are better at this social gathering stuff mate.