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XT500 start..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MuSKeR, May 1, 2011.

  1. Please be kind.

    I was looking over the forum and used the search function and been hunting around the web but I cant find an answer. Prabably looking in the wrong spot.

    So simple question..

    Will the xt500 start without having the key switch? I was thinking that maybe its just there for the lights and stuff..

    But the motor itself... should it kick over no trouble?

    Sorry for being a n00b...8-[


  2. Who knows whats been done to the wiring over time,and even if you have a key who knows if its got spark,pull the plug and hold it with insulated pliers against the engine and give it a kick and look for spark,the couple i had and most were NOTORIOUS for being bastards to start.If its set up right and you know the drill and you hold your tongue right MAYBE it might go,wear strong boots and expect some pain.Make sure you have spark first though,you poor buggar,my knee feels for you.After you find spark we should discuss the correct starting technique,check for spark and if none and no key you can either hot wire it and later get a key,kinda expensive to get one made from the ignision or get another switch with a new key
  3. I doubt it very much, you'd have to take some wires out and connect the ignition wires for it to start without the key. The key switch is there to stop people from stealing the bike, if the bike kicked over without the key then any one who knows how to kick start and ride a motorcycle could steal it.
    What Zim said.
  4. I kinda doubt there are any bike thieves who know the start drill,its a dieing art starting a big thumper
    BTW have a look at Adventure Riders Olds Cool section,XT 500 threads are popular
  5. Yeah, I'm almost certain no key = no start. Ignition units for this can be gotten off eBay pretty cheaply.

    My SR500, in the days when it ran on older bits, was my only transport for a year. I used to be late for work everyday.
  6. The XT500/SR500 is a bike that's difficult to start even for people used to it's particular starting issues.

    It's a great source of amusement to owners to offer unsuspecting passing motorcyclists the chance to kick start an SR from what I've seen :)
  7. Well that sucks because I was looking at the wiring for the bike and whoever has owned it in the past has sliced and dice so many wires..

    FML... Who said this bike would be fun to fix up haha..

    And with that Im assuming it needs to be connected to the battery. lol.

    Remebering this is a 1980's model....


  8. You can buy new wiring looms off eBay for not too much - around $100-150. Thumperstuff might have them too, as no doubt will Kedo in Germany but they're a bit pricey. The good thing is that the wiring is about as simple as you can get, so you could even do it yourself, and then you'll have the pleasure from thereon of having an intimate knowledge of your bike's electrical workings. You could incorporate electric ignition into the exercise if you're not a traditionalist. Furthermore, SR guys like to post up stripped back / simplified wiring systems in diagram on the SR forum, I'm sure the same exists for the XT.

    Trust me, this model of bike is easier to fix up than almost any other bike out there. It's design is an exercise in absolute bare-bones thinking combined with high standards of engineering.

    And remember, it may be a 1980 year of production, but it's essentially the '70s model. Any Haynes or Clymer will point that out.

    One last thing: everything everybody's said about the starting is true, it can be a f**king b*tch! But, well sorted and with good kicking technique the bike is fine: my SR starts second kick cold, and thereafter first kick for the rest of the day.
  9. Well I just called my Pop and he informed me that Hes brother in Law has parts for the XT500 laying around all over the place. So Im going for a trip to Dubbo within the next few weeks I feel to see what hes got lol..