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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Degato, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. Gday, Are there any XSR900 owners out there? Im thinking of trading in my Trumpy America on a Demo XSR900 with a full Akra system.
    I know the suspension was always a talking point on the MT09 and was wondering if that is the same on the XSR? Im not exactly Casey Stoner, so chances are the suspension would have been OK for me even on the MT.
    I know people are going to say, just take it for a test ride, and that is an option I will take up. The thing is, I've been riding cruisers for the last couple of years, so anything other than a cruiser feels really different. I'm hardly a good judge on anything other than a cruiser!
    I sat on a XSR in our local Yammie dealer and it felt like a good fit, I'm about 6'3" with lanky arms and legs so the size of a bike is a bit of an issue but this does feel OK.
    I've been asking Netrider's advice on different bikes for what seems an eternity now and I hope it's not wearing thin!!

  2. Hey Degato,
    I currently own a XSR 900 and
    I test rode a MT09 befor the XSR came out in Australia. The two bikes are very similar but one thing I did notice was the front suspension on the MT09 is a lot softer than the XSR. From what I have read on the interweb is that they changed out the spings in front forks to stiffen up the ride. Another thing I noticed was that the fueling on the MT09 was very touchy at the throttle. In B and standard mode on the XSR its seems to be a lot better but in A mode it is very touchy. I usually cruise around in B mode but when I get bored I flick it over to A mode and it reminds me why I bought the bike. I think that MT09 doesnt have traction control but the XSR does have three modes which is somthing extra. The ABS cant be turned off and lucky for me as it has saved my ass a coupple of times. I bought the brushed aluminum style and it doesn't really turn heads on the road (which I like) but when you open her up with the Akrapovic system she sound friggen beautiful.

    Hope this helped you.

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  3. I love my XSR.

    Ive mostly ridden dirtbikes though, so it's hard to comment on the suspension with any authority, but I'll try anyway. I think the suspension is adequate given the intended purpose and price point. Spring rate at the front seems ok to me, but a touch high at the back. I think compression damping is a bit spiky - it could do with a bit less high speed compression damping and better bottom out control. I haven't noticed fork dive or rear squat to be much of a problem. Rebound is adjustable front and rear. This all sounds very critical but a.) I could be talking out of my arse and b.) it's actually pretty decent, overall, for a relatively cheap bike.

    I have the titanium Akro system with a cut down DB killer and it's amazing!

    The ergos are spot on for me (181cm) and the engine is a cracker! Fuelling is great, I pretty much just leave it in STD mode (in between A and B modes).

    I was out for a ride the other day and a few other guys looked all over it and were pretty impressed with it overall - the round tail light, the little bits of aluminium detailing, the brushed finish on the tank... all very cool. A mate (who rides a VFR800) had a ride and was absolutely gobsmacked with the torque and power.

    It does have a few niggles though - the speedo is super cool but I wish it had an ambient light sensor (brightness is adjustable, but only by turning the ignition off - any single setting will be too bright at night, not bright enough during the day) and a scratch resistant face. And instead of giving you 'distance to empty' when you hit the low fuel warning, it just counts how many kms you've done since the warning light came on. And the horn button is in a really stupid place. All pretty minor stuff.
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  4. Thanks guy's.. I can't get to sleep at night thinking which path to go down.....XSR or Speedy3....Something we've all been through, i suppose.