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XSR900 v MT09

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Jack096, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Educate me,

    why is everyone going off their face about the xsr900 but no one was really keen on the mt09.

    I personally don't dig the hipster styling and would much rather the sportiness of the mt 09, surely they are the same bike and the only differences are aesthetic?
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    I'm with you the MT09 has MUCH better styling than the clumsy, hipster styled XSR900.

    But... and it's a big but, the styling isn't the only difference.

    The suspension and the throttle mapping are both substantially improved on the XSR900 compared to the MT09.

    Which leaves people stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    Do you choose the flawed but fun and good looking MT09 or the fixed and even more fun but hat full of arseholes ugly XSR900?

    Me? I'm going to sit on the fence and say I'd buy the Tracer (which has better suspension than the MT09) and better styling than the XSR900.
  3. Because the XSR is new, the MT09 isn't.

    I happen to like both, but I'm more likely to get the MT09 Tracer - bigger tank, more sports touring orientated.

    To clarify. I'm actually more likely to put a couple of thousand in to my aging Bandit than buy another bike. But given the choice between the 3 Yamahas, the Tracer would probably be my pick.
  4. The MT09 was on my short list for a new bike, so was the XSR. The changes in the XSR over the MT in terms of the fixes they did were enough for me to choose the XSR over the MT09. The MT09 was very nice to sit in admittedly and I do like the MT styling. That being said I don't mind the XSR look either and with all the changes they made it was a better choice for me.

    Beauty is the eye of the beholder.

    The tracer was also on the list but I didn't like the minimal dash and was over the sports tourer style.
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  5. Thats the thing why do I like green and Simon likes orange. There is no answer which is kind of why this is all amusing.........

    And I don't think everyone is going crazy about the XSR it's just someone has bought one so people are talking about it.

    I reckon more love is given to Tuonos and MVs here than the humble yammy........
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  6. I think you have a slight spelling error...

    In the case of the XSR900 it should really be "Beauty is in the eye of the Beer Holder"

    (beer goggles required before appreciating) :p
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  7. Mmmmmmmm beeeer....
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  8. More importantly, why didn't you get a tuono 69SIM69SIM ;-)
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  9. I don't know that the XSR is 'hipster styling'. It's certainly retro
  10. Image mate, image. No way could I handle a hot temperamental mistress... I can handle a wacked out crazy mad one with delusions of class though ;)
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  11. IMO a 'retro' bike is a bike that mimics the styling of an earlier model bike produced by that company.

    So; the current T120 to the earlier Boneville T120 of the 60s, the W800 Kawasaki to the earlier W650 Kawasaki of the 60s, the Kawasaki ZRX1100 (and 1200) to the earlier Z1100 Eddy Lawson Replica.

    I can't honestly think of a bike that the XSR900 mimics, it doesn't look like the early Yamaha triples (at all).

    Rather it's a pastiche that borrows from several Yamaha styles and eras in a similar way that Hipsters do (hence my belief that it is hipster in style).
  12. To me it sort harks back the XS models of the 80's. But I get your point.
  13. Well, the MT-09 fit me like a glove, and the XSR900 felt gangly and weird. Too upright seating position and the cutouts in the tank were much too high (im 5'10" and decent length leg).

    I'd go the MT-09 and get a new shock in place if needed.
  14. XSR900 over MT-09 for me......love the whole cafe racer/retro thing it's got going on. But the MT was a hoot to ride as well (y)

    I'd have to spend some money on both to enjoy them though (exhaust/suspension on MT, exhaust on XSR)
  15. Does the '16 model fix the suspension? They've had 3 years to make it better.
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    On the MT? No change.

    The XSR has a dual rate spring up front and changed valving. End result, better feel.

    The shock is the same for both.

    The XSR has the same ECU as the 2016+ MT09. They both have TCS and cannot alter A/F via dash diag mode.

    The base map on the XSR is less urgent in throttle application. Power is the same.

    BitSar and Bikes: Family Ties - Yamaha XSR900
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  17. test ride both and you'll see.
  18. If the XSR was designed for hipsters or with them in mind, wouldn't it come with a jar holder?
  19. I like the XSR, but have a MT09.

    Both great bikes for the $$. I've not ridden the XSR but when I sat on one I thought it had me leaning forward slightly more than the mt09. But like I said I never rode it so take that with a grain of salt.

    For what I need a bike for......everyday commute, the odd fang around the mountains, and plenty of fun at a price where I don't mind racking up the kms....the MT09 was and is perfect.

    I very well may end up with the suspension mod, and maybe a set of those flippable clip ons at some stage, but it's far from mandatory to do in order to enjoy the bike.
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  20. I think they both have their place and I could happily own them