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XSR900 Owners Unite!

Discussion in 'Naked' started by 69SIM, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. With classic styling and the underlying hoonism of the MT-09, the XSR900 really is a sweet machine.

    So sweet that by being a sneaky bugger I went and bought one on Tuesday with a few accessories and then picked it up today.

    Got one? Want one? This is the thread for you :)

    IMG_1833. IMG_1835. IMG_1836. IMG_1837. IMG_1846.
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    I had a suspicion you would end up on one - something that wa smentioned on another thread
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  3. Are we going riding tomorrow?
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  4. Congrats mate. As you probably know I am early adopter as well. It really is a sweet machine. Haven't got the cowl yet. Only installed a tail tidy. Enjoy it mate, I give you a week before you are laughing your head off in A mode.
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  5. good on you mate, very happy for you. I bet SibiSibi is happy too so you can stop pestering her for a go on the Ninja.

    looking forward to seeing it up close.

    happy days!
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  6. Maybe, need to check with SibiSibi. She has gone into work and it may depend on how early we get moving tomorrow morning :)
  7. Geeze, how easy is it? I kept it in STD mode all day and even then I could feel the front want to lift up!
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  8. hey 69SIM69SIM, see you at CSS!
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  9. Good one 69SIM69SIM it's dead set sexy (y)
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  10. She has the XSR700 in her sights but can sit pretty comfortably on the 900 :)
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  11. The bike or 69SIM69SIM? Lol
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  12. Fixed lol but you choose ;)
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  13. Well, I have been told I look fetching ;)
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  14. A few things I have noticed already:

    1. Seating position is fine, was able to sit comfortably, reminded me a little bit of the VStrom with the wide tank and wider seat than the MT-09.
    2. Suspension is a lot stiffer compared to the DR650 and VStrom... My kidneys were hurting after a while but my bot-bot was fine.
    3. Even though the little flyscreen is mostly cosmetic, I felt minimal buffeting on my chest and helmet.
    4. It really tells you when you are not in the right gear, chain feels loose and the clutch chudders a bit, but in the right gear, oh my!
    5. It has a very nice little bar thing behind the right hand peg, mostly I think to stop you melting your boot on the exhaust, but I found I could rest the heel of my boot on it too, was nice.
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  15. the tail tidy and blinkers look freakin' awesome - to quote a friend of mine - 'bloody sweet as!' (y)
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  16. Also, gotta thank chilliman64chilliman64 and Andrew WestAndrew West for taking me to the bike shop a few weeks ago when I was still on crutches and gave me the chance to see the bikes in person instead of just reading specs online. jonnymacjonnymac for much advice and BitSarBitSar for his online blog review (go read it if you haven't already) and for answering my many questions about the MT's and XSR.
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  17. images-19.
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  18. hahaha, he's got the coffee part covered as well as the manbun, just needs a bit of facial hair :eek:
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  19. Well I don't know about the manbun and my pathetic attempts at facial hair are purely laughable but yeah I'll accept the hipster ribbing ;)

    I reckon I can only ride from coffee house to petrol station to coffee house anyway ;)
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