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XSR 900

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  1. Nice looking bike, Jim82Jim82

    Bet it sounds great
  2. Yeah it sounds great. I have only just broken her in so i can't wait to open her up and get the full noise.
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  3. Lovely - go well mate.
  4. Yeah...they look the goods IMHO. Nice one.
  5. Nice one. Done any of these yet ?

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  6. wish they put the dope xsr suspension on the new 09. I'm not digging the whole cafe scrambler look.

    but tbh in this picture, It really looks tough and I would get one
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  7. Quoted for the lolz......

    If you're serious you are severely misinformed.

    The suspension on the XSR is largely the same at the MT09 - just softened. Not stiffened.

    Slower acting rebound damping valve (tighter aperture) in front and back.
    That is all.

    I should add - neither Bike has compression damping. At either end.
  8. it's a lot stiffer than the mt09. different springs in the front i think .
  9. The hard part is keeping the front wheel down. lol
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  10. Noice...
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  11. As far as I know it's just valving.
    At least, that's per the info I can find.
  12. Good looking bike mate, I sat on one at the Yammy dealer, it fits me well.
  13. It's quite comfy. The first day i got it from the dealership I went for a 500 km ride and i pulled up ok afterwards. If i did that on my old bike I would have been crippled.
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  14. #17 Degato, Jun 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
    What were you on before?
  15. A GS500. I called her the slug. lol
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  16. Nice one mate! I have the same bike, they're bloody fun!
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  17. Awesome bike. I was very close to getting one but didn't have the extra coin over a used MT09. I will maybe end up on one in a year or so. Love the ergos, look and motor. Congrats.