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XS650 Restoration..

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 2up, Nov 25, 2008.

  1. I'm currently restoring a bike I purchased new 33 years ago.
    Here's the story so far.
    One of the great things of doing a project like this is the interesting people you meet along tyhe way..it's been great fun.

    Leaving on the big ride around Aussie in 1976.

    A couple more pics.
    Spent 9 months on the road and made it all the way around.
    The Queenland/NT border in 1976. Back in those days there was bugger all people out there. I once rode on the wrong side of the road for 90 miles before I had to move left. Nowdays every man and his dog is out there.


    Did the buy a house, got married and career thing and she lay idle in the backyard for 19 years.
    If there is one good thing about Victoria's 14 year drought is that it stopped the yammy from completely rotting away.

    May and it's into a shed and complete strip down.

    Finally got it to the frame...off the powder coaters.

    Frame and forks complete.

    Engine out..
    New sleeves, pistons and head re built.

    The yammy so far...
    Sort of coming back as a Brat Style Bike.

    And a special thanks to my lovely wife who has allowed me to tackle the project in the lounge room.
  2. Great old pics, I never took my D model out of the Hunter Valley, but at least you kept your's I wish I had kept mine...
  3. That's a lovely wife - oh yeah the resto seems to be coming along well too!
  4. True enough. What a top lady you have there!

    And once again congrats on the restore... Looks like a great project!
  5. That's looking good mate, keep us updated!
  6. This will be good! watching!
  7. hope you weren't behind that water-bottle for the whole 9 months?

    Looks like a fun project tho'. Looking forward to seeing some more pics.

  8. I agree, the 70's two strokes were never fun to follow. Bit stinky. Usually led or dropped right back.
    I owned a Suzuki GT 380 for a while back in 1973..I know how much oil those things burn....or just blow out the exhaust.

    Here's a bit of trivia I found out while restoring the XS...the yammy 650 was the first four stroke m/cycle that Yamaha produced.
  9. Another pic..
    One of the fortunate things that happened in 1989 was that I was given a nearly complete xs in bits.
    This is a pic of it just after we put it together and ran it. She fired up after only about 20 kicks. Not a fit as I used to be.
    Note my restored tank and my 12 volt flounder light battery which by passed all the elects. Thanks to Jason for thinking of that.
    So far I've haven't had to "rob" any parts from it. In the future it may become a trail bike of sorts if time and buget allow.

  10. Hi,
    I found and scanned some more pics of the yammy back in 1976.

    The flinders Ranges.

    A smoke break on the Nullabor plain. Everyone smoked in those days.
    I'm crouching down to get out of the wind. The Nullabor is the coldest place on Earth in May.

    Campsite at Nullabor Station.

    Food stop somewhere in Western Australia. That's me near the food van. I'm throwing up already and I haven't bought anything yet...

    Should have the motor back and in just before Christmas.
    I've set a deadline to ride it to the Classic Bike races at Phillip Island in late Jan.
    Fingers crossed.
  11. Updates?
  12. Quite a bit has been done over the last few months.
    New sleeves and pistons were bought and installed, head re-conditioned, along with a selector shaft, oil pump, gaskets, bolt kit, cam chain guides, carby mounts, selector forks and lots of other stuff...

    one of the bizarre things about this restoration is that the seat I bought on Ebay came from sub zero temperatures in Boulder Colorado to 46C+ degree temps in Melbourne..

  13. As I recall, the 650 motor had a voracious appetite for alternator brushes; you may like to lay in a supply thereof.....
  14. Ah yes !! I remember the well.
  15. And the XT (hence SR) 500 single was their second. I reckon those early to mid 70s XS engines were the most beautiful motors Yamaha ever produced.

    Great read!

    Ps I think, in the photo of you and the frame which is off to the powder coaters, that something has happened to your soul!