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XS250 Yamaha

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mattb, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Looking at one that's for sale, for my partner (1979 model). Looks a lot like my '78 SR500, except it's a twin. Does anybody know anything about them? (ie problems they have?) I've read about consistent starting problems on a couple of reviews....

  2. Don't know anything about them, but I saw a pretty good looking one in the Rocks the other week. Looked like a bit of work had gone into cleaning it up, Orange/Yellow with lower bars put on it, everything polished up nice. Looked very good!
  3. A better bike than the contemporary equivalent Hondas (not that that's saying much). The 250 wasn't quick but was quite adequate. It's a (nearly) 30 y.o. bike so check everything. I had a couple of mates who ran them and don't remember any specific problems, but over that length of time anything can happen.

    The secret of longevity on any late 70s Japanese bike is 1500 km oil changes.

    The great thing about the XS is that, if you get lucky enough to find one, the 360 or 400 engine will bolt straight in, giving you a decent little buzz-bomb that will hit a genuine 160 in favourable conditions.

    If it's in nice nick, go for it. There aren't that many left.
  4. They are a sleeved down version of the XS400 and they are very heavy and pretty sluggish (even for an older air cooled 250).

    Having said that they were reliable enough when they were newish.

    Changing the motor back to a 400 is fairly easy and makes for a much nicer ride.