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(XS250 ?) Oops SR250 Reviews and Opinions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Just got a call from my brother.
    He'd just bought a bike ( unreg ) and is in the process of getting his learners.
    XS250 I think?
    He's never ridden before, apart from a little dirt bike riding as a kid.
    He's asked me to help him get the bike to RWC condition and help him with gear etc .. no problem there, but he's also wanting me to mentor him. :shock:
    I've only been riding 12 mths, mostly commuting, and with 12,000 km under my belt I think I may have something to offer him.
    What do you guys think? ... re: the bike & the prospect of me mentoring my bro, when I'm basically a newbie myself?

  2. You've done 12,000 kms more than he has.

    Besides, you're a Hornet rider :LOL:.
  3. :LOL: Ta Paul
    I Guess I should've made this 2 posts, as I'm asking for opinions on the bike, as well as whether or not I should 'mentor' him. Sorry Mods.
    I'm sure I can offer good advice on urban survival, so that won't hurt.
  4. I think you'll find that's an SR250. The XS was a twin.
  5. The SR 250s are a very good bike in the same vein as the Suzuki GN250. Change the oil as often as necessary and wash the filter more often than necessary and you should be laughing (as long as the cam hasn't already chewed up the bearings because no one else checked the oil). With your bike try and get some sensible handlebars if he's a learner, and I'd reckon those odd rear shocks could affect the handling - for better or worse I couldn't say but worth checking.
    Getting it registered shouldn't be a problem as long as all the lights, brakes and horn work on cue and it handles straight. Whatsmore, licensing isn't so easy now if the exhaust is too poisonous and/or loud. In this case you just need to make sure the engine is running nice and not burning clouds of smoke and try to ensure that the decibels are well down - if nothing else ensure you have a genuine yamaha silencer for that model.

    In my opinion it's best for learners to be tutored by a professional to begin with. You can teach him to ride the bike, but pro help from the start will stamp out any bad habits and teach him what to do to pass the drivers test.
  6. Thanks Guys .. guess I better let him know its an SR250 :LOL:
    He bought it not running ( dead battery ), but has apparently replaced it and has ridden it up and down his street :shock: << Yeah UNREG, UNLICENSED :roll:
    I'll try check the bike out this weekend for him.
    I agree flash, he is better off with a pro, however knowing my bro it wont happen ( apart from the standard L & P's courses ). Best I can do is pass on what I have, which I believe is pretty sound advice. I'm an everyday commuter, occasional rec rider with alot of good sound help and advice from many of the more experienced riders here. ( something I will always be grateful for ). I can only pass this on, in the hope that he becomes a responsible rider.
  7. That's a nice looking bike! Maybe some flat bars, and a flat seat? (-the frame, despite what the seat implies, is relatively flat). Maybe a stone fairing and a nicer straight-through pipe?

    Sounds like you know the answer: the SR is a great bike!