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XR600R vs XL600R gaskets, etc.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by SHEPPO, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm doing a top end freshen up on my '85 XR600R motor. I've got everything under control, apart from what "top end" gaskets kit to purchase.

    The problem is the bike runs a +5mm piston & bore (102mm bore/660cc's), Aad i'm not sure if there is also a XL600R head on it or not. The reason i say this, is a common way to get the 102mm bore, was to use a XL600R barrel, and top end (100mm bore from memory), on the XR600R's bottom end (80mm stroke), then bore the steel sleeve to +2mm to give 102mm, and just under 660cc.

    So... my first question is, does anyone here know how to 100% identify if i have a XR or XL cylinder head? I can post pics, measure things, etc if need be.

    My second question is, the gasket kits for the XR600R's are for 1988+. Were there any changes to the bike in regards to the head gasket, valve cover gasket, etc? I know they went to a single carbie, so the inlet manifold gasket will be different, but apart from that, anything else?

    Probably a long shot, but thought i'd give it a shot. 8-[

  2. Used to be a guy called Ken Colvin in Rosanna who could tell you everything you need to know but he retired I think.
    Try and email Ballard's XR's r us and they could tell you in a flash
  3. The early xl500 head isn't radial valve, if that is what you are asking. The later ones will have RFVC cast into them.

    The later xl600 and xr600 heads were the same in my understanding, but don't quote me on that.
  4. My thoughs as well, ibast, but also don't quote me as saying that haha.

    - boingk
  5. i found out all the XR600R head gaskets are the same, regardless of year.

    and the heads are similar, the early ones having twin port intakes, the later a more conventional single port intake.

    i've ordered a XR600R gasket set to suit 102mm bore, Cometic make one, hope it fits!

    on a side note, the motor runs an aftermarket "performance" CDI, aftermarket high energy coil pack, with an aftermarket piston/conrod, ported cylinder head, twin 32mm flat slide carbies, big diameter exhaust, big finned head, etc etc... all in a light weight VJ21 RGV-250 chassis (race glass, slicks, etc)
  6. When it's more photo worthy. It's in bits at the moment.
  7. Just type in your part number on this site. http://www.bike-parts.fr/recherche_piece.php
    It will tell you what bikes the part is common to and also what countries it was imported (officially) It's the bees d!ck if you have a grey import let me tell you.