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XR400, what is better?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. a bike that is a '98 biuld, has about 10,000kms and has just been used around town. and is in vgc
    a bike that is a 2004 build which has 7000kms on it, is banged up, evidence of lax maintinance, with basic road worthy components not kept up.

    im pretty sure the older one is the way to go, but just checking im not missing something???



  2. It is better to buy a well maintained bike a few years older than buy a newer abused bike.

    the second one only looks cosmetic.
    Id say all it needs is a clean new chain sprockets and a grease and oil change and it would be fine.not much goes wrong with the XRs that a little TLC cant fix.

    though the first one does look much better or is it just shiny and clean?Its

    best to go have a look in person and check for signs of abuse loose bearings worn chains sprockets and damaged bits etc:
  3. In reply to the topic heading - "what's better" - a DRZ400 :wink:

    Have you checked them both out? The older one looks in very good condition, but maybe the newer not as good photos or can be polished up :?

    Condition of a bike can sometimes lead to how it's been looked after, trail bikes do get dropped, and some want to start off with a clean canvas for their own handiwork.
  4. Having seen what some people call "good" maintenance on bikes ridden off road, I would go for the older road ridden one.

    You only need one decent ride with a dodgy air filter in the dust and your top end is toasted. Same goes for bottom end if it's ridden after being drowned (dirty water in oil) or ridden hard with too few oil changes.

    Road riding tends to be many times less damaging on a dirt bike of this kind. The modern massively oversquare high rev 400s don't cope with sustained road use like the XRs did.

    They are very easy to work on and parts are still VERY easy to get.
  5. Just back in eBay again, and didn't realise these were eight years apart :oops:

    For a prospective buyer, eight years is alot to try and make up for in good conditon - espeically if you are going to be taking the bike trail riding anyway.

    So FWIW, if the newer one starts easily and sounds tight, I'd be going for that one.
  6. I'm with Donaldo, I think both require inspection.

    The 04, may just have a lazy owner who rode it in the dirt and took pics without cleaning it. The older one, given the km, and statement its a commuter deserves suspicion, the speedo is very easy to remove and then replace later after you have put 30000km on it over 10 years.

    The XR400 is a solid off roader, simple design, and Honda, they go forever with little trouble. I would look at the newer one, and decide what if anything needed replacing, and I suspect chain/Sprockets, maybe bearings all pretty cheap and easy to replace, making the rest of the bike 8 years newer than the other. Both deserve inspection, and happy to go for a look with you mate.
  7. I agree. Not that there's anything wrong with the XR's but if your $ can stretch to a DRZ400, you'll be thankful in the long run. Electric start is a huge advantage.
  8. coincidence / I was drive past Sylvania today and was dead set certain i saw a dude riding the first bike.

    looked and sounded ok from what i saw if it was in fact it, had the same stickers and ding in the can
  9. thanks for the offer wayne, ive already had a squiz, off inspection alone, the 98 one was good to go for roadwrothy, started real easy went well, the bloke in a Ramae, so to be honest i sorta instantly trusted him (anyone in armour corps will know how ridiculous this assumption is!) he told me about maintinance, he has had it for 7 years, just used it to run around the barracks of the various postings he has had.

    the 04 model had the head light cowl badly damaged, the bike has been sitting around for a year since the owner crashed and rooted his shoulder, he only changed the oil once in the time he owned it (about 1500kms he reckons, the bloke clearly doesnt know shit about maintinance, the bike need a new rear disc shortly, new chain and sprockets and a new throttle grip. the bloke before him used for touring, it has heated grips, indicators dont blick, just stay on, rear indicators arent even wired up, it runs a bit flat, but its difficult to tell but with the motor which is bloody torquey. was a generaly a bit of a mess. but still if thats a better than the older one, ill pay the 500 bucks!

    alex yeah i know i know :grin: :wink: , but the DRZs in my price range are all the early model ones which apparently have loose crank nuts happening from time to time, and another problem in the bottom end which happens from time to time. but thats cool ignition lock from the states and 24lL acerbis tanks 30usd and 220 usd respectivley, and the kick start hasnt been a problem for me thus far, and the price is right!!!

    thanks again for the replies guys, trailies are new to, the info really helps out!!
  10. Looks like I guessed rightish! :p

    For me the dead giveaway is this - if you are at least half serious about selling a bike you clean it before taking photos!

    If you look closer at things like how clean/dirty the airbox is inside, state of air cleaner etc you get much closer to the real condition.

    If there is no scuffing on the fork leg lowers, little scuffing of the swingarm and side covers it's a safe bet that it has not seen lots of offroad use.

    I'd agree that a DRZ will be a much nicer ride on and off road, but if there's a budgetary constraint, an XR400 (even an older one) is better than walking.

    Also, in respect to the age - Honda did next to NO development after the first models. Their idea of an update was to go from white plastics to red.
  11. yeah air filter insead the new one was caked with red dust (the finest kind) the old one had a clean box.
  12. Dead giveaway that it's been neglected. Run for the hills!

  13. I'd give the 04 a swerve based on this statement alone.
  14. So dom, can I have a crack at whatever you do get? :LOL:

    Need to practice my wheelies