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XR250 needs some work

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by lstehbens, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Just got my 97(i think) xr250R over from Cairns to Alice Springs and it needs some work - no kidding.

    It's been in Cairns a year and a half without a start and before that was very hard to start. Firstly what should I do first, empty the fuel tank right?

    But mechanically what can I do to get it starting well, I don't know a lot about bikes and their internals - does it need a rebuild of some sort?

    Also I need to get some parts to get it roadworthy. Where can I get some discs (metal bit for brakes) because mine are too narrow to pass roadworthy. I wouldn't mind getting some new bars and I need a new front light surround as its kinda faded/black, thought I might get a new light assembly anyone got some recommedations? ALso need a glass insert for the mirror as I dropepd it once.

    Where can I go to get this stuff? Help me help me oh oh and the wheels are very stiff and don't roll so well. Does it need some grease somewhere? Before in Cairns it rolled quite easily, now quite an effort to roll it.


  2. Sounds like it needs a good general service top to bottom.

    If your in Alice there should be a bike mechanic or dealer in town. They would poosibly be the best bet if your not confident of doing work yourself. They should also be able to help you with spare parts
  3. Yeah there's a bike mecanic, but wouldn't mind knowing what was wrong with it to start with and what I can do myself.

    I have tools and everything and am not totally hopeless - have changed oil and filter etc before.

    Just some general advice if you don't know would be great, like why was it so hard to start before and so forth. Also I have a bit of a buckle in the front rim that needs fixing, is this hard to do or expensive to get done?
  4. first thing I'd do is change the oil, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plug(s), clean the carbie(s) i.e. pull
    them apart completely and use plenty of carb cleaner. new tank of fuel as you mentioned.
    probably a good idea to clean out the fuel lines and stuff too. valve clearance check while
    you're down there perhaps.

    you'll also need new brake (and clutch if it's hydraulic) fluid and probably a new chain (and
    maybe sprockets). I'm guessing a new battery too. probably want to lubricate your throttle
    cable (and clutch cable if not hydraulic).

    thats all I can think of for now :)
  5. So the oil will be no good anymore? ANy of it? Why do I need to change the chain and maybe new sprockets?

    If I do what I can myself (oil/oil filter etc etc) will that stuff the workshop up later if I get them to do the valves and other things? I can't remember exactly the layout of the engine, ie will changing oil etc be waste of time if they have to open it again to to valves and other things?

    Is it hard to clean carbie (its a one cylinder, one carbie?)?? It's a kick start, no battery.

    Why would it have been so hard to start before... when I was using it a bit? And the wheels being stiff and not easy to roll.... how do I fix that? Is it hard to change fork seals? Apparently one was leaking a while back before I got the bike over here.
  6. What androo said.

    except the chain and sprocket. Just a good lube unless they are worn out.

    The other stuff you can do yourself. easy. Find a workshop manual on the net.

    Carbies aren't as scary as they seem.

    You've got a single and this is the best way to learn about good bike maintenance because it's simple.

    Valve clearance is simple too. You just need to buy a feeler gauge from repco or similar.

    It probably wasn't starting well because the plug was clapped out and the carbie needed a bit of a tune.

    Filters, plug, tappets, fluids, you should be right.
  7. Anyone got a online manual for the xr? Or somewhere I can get one?

  8. And what about my wheels, how do I get them turning nicely again?
  9. http://www.bikechatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=41567

    Try here somewhere.

    The wheels will probably have some sealed bearings in them.

    Just take the wheel off and tap them out. Then take them to a bearing supply place like CBC. Should be pretty chean.

    Take carewhen putting the new ones in, to only load up the outer ring of the bearing. Loading the inner ring may pit the race surface and then you will be back to square 1.

    The workshop manual will take you through it step by step
  10. Argh lots of manual but none for my XR250 97, anyone know where I can find one?
  11. Is your bike a grey import? ie, does it have a compliance plate?
  12. http://4strokes.com/

    This might come in handy too.

    The tech stuff can be handy, even if it doesn't apply specifically to your bike
  13. YUhh yeah it has a complaints plate if that is the plate with the date of manufacture etc on it.

    On the frame near the handlebars.

    WHy do you ask?
  14. sorry for the late reply, havent been on here for ages

    I figured the chain would be pretty rusty and stiff after sitting around so long,
    and the new sprockets were for the new chain :)