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  2. I actually really like these bikes, and im not a cruiser fan, how are they to ride? can you go hard or are they like normal harleys? they look like they could be ridden pretty hard.

    I guess buell is around, but they look shite compared to these.
  3. They go hard enough for a Harley. I like to call it a muscle bike, in the same sense as a muscle car, if you know what I mean.... its no jap or italian sports bike thats for sure.
    In stock trim its easy to scrape them out, but if you lift the arse end up a couple of inches the lean angle changes heaps, 2 ways to do this, longer shocks or the cheap way, using riser blocks, which is the way I went. Conveniently the design allows you to take the passenger footpeg brackets off and replace them with riser blocks, which you can bolt the shockies to, this brings you about 2 inches below the OEM shockie mounting bolt holes. Its still a fat pig, and takes abit of riding, but its a fun fat pig that will keep up with Joe Average on his sports bike through the twisties no problem if you push it.
    The red arrow in the below pic shows the old mounting point.

    The engine is very similar to the Buells in the way it has a downdraft intake and the same cams.
    It has more compression and a higher rev limit compared to the XL1200, and the heads in these have a oil gallery around the exhaust valve to allow for oil cooling.Put a decent exhaust on the stock engine and its not uncommon to see dyno sheets with around 100hp at the backwheel from a good tuner.
    And its got good pretty good brakes and suspension for a Harley. :)

    If you want to see what can be done with a pro rider on board, check out some of the vids on youtube (like the one below) of the race series they have in the U.S.A. or Britian, unfortunately the series in Britian stopped this year.

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  4. Just an update.
    Fitted a 1250 Hammer Performance kit to the XR, fitted the seat cowl and removed the fairing.
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  5. almost forgot.. fitted barend mirrors because I fitted some flatter, shorter bars, couldn't see past my elbows with the stock mirrors