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XR-12 vs XR1100

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by locusm, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. X-12 vs XR1100

    Looking for a first helmet...
    Why get the X-12 over the XR1100?
    Has anyone owned both and can give a definitive reason?

  2. XR12 and XR1100 will both protect you the same essentially. XR12 is more race focused, the features and benefits that it has over the XR1100 are not that useful for the street. XR1100 is going to protect you just as much, but is much better on the roads and still is of an amazing quality. it represents far far better value for money compared to the XR12.
  3. Thanks, looks like I'm getting the XR1100 first thing next week...
  4. I've owned the XR100 for 18months now and it is the most comfortable helmet I've ever had. However, I tried on every make and model of helmet there is at 2 to 3 different shops before i settled on the XR1100 as other brands of helmet did not fit as comfortably as the Shoei
  5. Make sure when you try the helmet on (as with all helmets i guess) to check for any tight spots. I suggest wearing it for a good 10+ minutes if possible, and clench your jaw to see if theres any added pressure points.
    I've had a poor experience with the xr-1100 which is a shame because it's a very well made helmet.