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Xpeed helmet fibreglass (ANY Good?)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Hi all,
    Wondering if these Xpeed helmets are any good,
    they are an older model and fibreglass, internet searches doesn't turn up much on them. The link is as follows
    these are the Xpeed Fibreglass there $149

    Also this cheap one looks cheap but thought i'd get your feedback on it anyways Cheap Fibreglass Helmet

    Thanks in advance
  2. "Banga" b4 you go and spend all your hard earned $$, ask your self what price do you place on safety on your head. I to am looking for a new lid for the old scone, but i really am going to be sticking to a brand name i know has a good reputation.
    The helmets you are refering to(ebay) say they meet Aus standards, but i am hard pressed to see the "AUS 1698" sticker on the lids, also the Aus standards sticker on the visor. Now call me "old" but as far as i know THEY must be attached or stuck on to show they DO meet these standards.
    Now it goes with out saying, its your money ,but more so its your head. Or another way of looking at it, money comes and goes :LOL: ,but you only have one 1 boof head :shock:
  3. i agree!

    buying from ebay means you dont get a chance to try it on. its also important that the helmet fits properly on your head.
  4. Cheers,
    will do, does make sense, i may have an irregularly shaped head :LOL:
  5. For the record, I have an XPEED helmet. I bought it from BikeMart in Ringwood (which any Netrider will be able to tell you is a highly reputable store) and it certainly has the Australian Standard sticker. I bought it because it was the only brand I found that would fit my head (the fact that it was affordable, fibreglass and Snell and DOT rated was a bonus). It would seem that their sizing is on the large side - ie in most brands my head is halfway between a S and an XS, but the XPEED XS fit me perfectly. I have it in plain black, which I think looks pretty cool, especially with a tinted visor. But I probably would have gone with red if one had been available. The graphics are very American to my mind - the stars and stripes flag doesn't really do it for me - but the flag tends to blend into the background if you get it in red, so it's not too bad. The mechanism for changing the visor is user-friendly. I haven't had cause to crash-test the helmet (thankfully) or to see how well ventilated it is in hot weather, but so far I've been very happy with it. My only complaint would be the lack of a chin flap, but I've got a neckwarmer now so hopefully that won't be a problem... :grin:

    Anyway, just a short review. I hope this helps. I have to say trying on lots of helmets is the best idea. I had no idea how difficult it would be to find a good fit. Hopefully you'll be lucky and have a normal-shaped head. If you're interested in trying on the XPEED Bikemart is the only place I've found that sells them.
  6. cheers mate,
    will check it out, the xpeeds do seem good value for money
  7. Bell, a helmet maufacturer used to have a slogan: "If you have a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet"

    Makes sense to me..... :wink:
  8. Yeah well I think it helps to remember that is just a slogan and a glib sales trick, not unlike that ad "because you're worth it!'. When I ask 'why should I buy your product?', then the answer better be more substantial than "because spending a lot of money will make you feel good about yourself" - which is what these tricks amount to.
  9. The Xpeed helmet had that $10 head line too. The thing is, my head is worth more than $149 too...
  10. Yeah tweet i get what your saying, it does make sense mind you. But after reading this Motorcycle Helmet Review it makes you wonder how much actual truth there is to that slogan. I found this searching in old posts on here.