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XP registry query - should I be worried?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Hello IT gurus.

    Just picked up a 2nd hand lappy with XP home SP1... I've order the SP2 disk...

    In the mean time, I'm getting all these "System message to user" pop ups claiming that I have 55 critical errors in my registry

    The OS is a totally clean install from the toshiba supplied disks...

    Am I being popup spammed??????

    Nortons isn't stopping these "system messages".

    How much notice should I be taking of these messages?

    I see that XP doesn't have a scanreg.exe application, so I can't even get it to check the registry itself and give me a diagnosis... are there diagnosis tools... if yes, where are they hiding?!

    Anyway, any advice and comments appreciated.

    Thanks folks.



    ps... internet at home again... uh oh...
  2. Hi Rob,

    I'm not clear.

    The lappy is 2nd hand? If so, did it come with Windows installed or have you just loaded it?

    The 'problem' you have is more than lilely spyware/adware/malware related and the popups you recieve are attempts to get you to download s/w at inflated prices to fix a problem they've probably caused.

    Do a search for 'Spybot', 'Ad-Aware' or even the MS Spyware product (it's just changed name). They will generally remove all these annoying popups.

    These can also be caused by visiting web sites that have 'sponsors' messages that only go away if you pay for their full product (some of the photo sites for instance). Normally IE6 or Firefox will prevent these popups from appearing.

    If this is a fresh install of Windows, I'd still run these tools.

    Have you an AV program installed?

    As regards SP2, just download it.
  3. if you go to monday coffee at FP BP i can give you a copy of SP2 on cd
  4. Close port 135. They are internet popups.

    The other way is go into control panel > administrative tools > servies and double click on Messenger service and drop down disable then stop the service.

  5. Another idea is, if you have just done a clean install do the updates and AV behind a firewall. If you're not sure what that means or want help PM me.
  6. Do all the above as well as installing the program NoAds and using a different browser other than IE.
  7. Gents, I have installed XP home SP1 using the disks supplied with the laptop. So this is a totally clean install.

    The very next thing I did before firing up internet was load the full Nortons 2006 Internet security proggy with the spyware, addware and pop up blocker as well as virus and firewall. Then I got on the net, went straight to Nortons and downloaded all the updates.

    So I haven't gone past any other websites before I started getting these "system message" pop ups.

    I guess that covers Cejay and Port's queries.

    That's why I'm wondering whether there's any validity with these messages...

    Phanoongy, I'm gigging Monday night, so no coffee for me. :( But I'd love to grab the disc off ya sometime... maybe the following monday.as I'm I'm gigging Friday too.

    Glips I'll have a look at the admin tools tip.

    So I guess I'm still in two minds about whether they "real" messages or false ones?? When I say pop up, I'm not talking about an internet window type pop up... they actually look like system message type pop ups.

    I've wizzed passed the microsoft update site and it says I have over 40 updates to down load... I suspect they are all related to SP2... so I'll hold fire till I get my hands on a disk.

    Now I know why I relied on work internet!! The IT team worry about all this stuff!

    Thanks for your suggestions so far fellas.


  8. I'd strongly suggest, getting SP2 installed with its firewall or using either a software firewall or hardware firewall/router.
  9. even after you install SP2 there still will be a few more things to download from the MS update and IF you want the cd and you happen to come neer wheelers hill give me a PM and i can set a time for you to pic it up
  10. Thanks Gents.

    Matty, that's exactly the crap that's popping up. In a way I'm glad to know that I am getting spammed. I don't have to worry about "imminent system corruption" and such crap... sheesh, maybe I should have got a mac instead!?!?!

    Phanoongy, offer noted. Taa bro.


  11. I was about to suggest that you get a hardware router, so many issues disappear when you're behind one of them.
  12. :WStupid: Listen to Greg.
  13. Definately the best option for a home network but if you are carrying a laptop around from network to network, sometimes having your own software firewall is good to have to protect the machine itself.
  14. Of course, none of this will work if you still visit those 'special' sites eh?
  15. Hmmm, I'm a nerd, so I have the lot!
  16. Well I've implemented the firewall option. Following the links and reading the articles, I've closed ports 135, 137-139 and 445... haven't seen a pop up yet.

    I didn't go the administration tools option, just incase a a program like Nortons needs the messenger service.

    I've learned a lot this arvo.

    Thanks for your help fellers. :)


  17. I see your first problem: Norton Internet Security.

    Second problem looks like spyware, or perhaps just popups from websites. If it's a clean install it's difficult to see how there would be spyware aboard if you haven't hit the net as yet.

    Third problem - advice regarding Windows XP SP2 is bollocks, as you already have a firewall built-in to NIS2006, and the SP2 will be disabled by Norton anyway to prevent conflicts.

    As a tech dealing with this sort of issue everyday, I'd recommend the following:
    1) ditch Norton. It's often worse for your system in terms of performance and stability than the viruses and spyware it's supposed to protect you from.
    2) get a real firewall/AV program. Personally I'd recommend Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite, for ease of use - from what I understand you're relatively green when it comes to technical PC stuff?
    3) DO NOT USE INTERNET EXPLORER. As a tech you can get away with it, but for your average home user, it's far, far, FAR safer to use an alternate browser. Firefox is my pick, Opera is also worth a look.
    4) Matt's advice regarding HijackTHIS is sound - but better yet, PM your log file, and I'll let you know what shouldn't be there.
    5) If your PC is still giving you trouble, get a reputable local PC shop to have a look-see. There's a lot of so-called 'experts' in IT, but really, the guys that build and service them everyday are the ones to talk to.

    Hope this helps. :)
  18. What he said.

    I have one rule when using windows. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER USE NORTONS INTERNET SECURITY !!!! NEVER NEVER NEVER, just don't do it. [-X [-X [-X [-X

    I use nod32 which has a free 30 day trial that you can just reinstall every 30 days. I am a too tight to buy it, but it is very good.

    Just use firefox and thunderbird. They are cheaper (aka free), faster and more secure and feature rich (and extendable) than any equivilant m@#$soft package.

    However if you really want to avoid all this windows crap you should install fedora core and live happy and free !!
  19. Are you sure there's not just an anti Microsoft bias going on you guys? :-k

    Though I do take your point. Hackers have MS products and MS friendly products in their sights... so you're much safer not to be using those products... ultimately, I'll be taking up the anti MS advice. Right now I've shelled out the bucks and since I delved into Matt's links and made the changes, I've had no more messenger spam.

    And so far, Nortons and XP home have gotten along very well... so far...

    I have heard that zone alarm is the techies favourite... so it must be good.

    I haven't config'd home email yet... and apparently email scanning is where norton's really becomes a dog.

    Wish I'd heard this before I shelled out the bucks! - Oh well, got a free pair of USB headphones with the box... some consolation.

    ..oo00OO(shoulda got a Mac...)
  20. Firstly, check to see if fuel is getting to the carbies.

    If it is then check to see if you are getting spark.

    If they are fine and it's still giving trouble then I've got no idea