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XP Gurus ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. I need a little help guys.
    Two days ago I attempted to install a 'good' :wink: copy pf Mcafee.
    Was great .. :roll: virus ridden... couldn't access anything, incl taskbar.
    Long story short ... I've got a new HD, reinstalled most of the programs I need. Scanned and cleaned the original drive and extracted my documents from it. *phew*.
    Unfortunately, I've LOST all my emails , some were valuable.
    I've attempted to fit the original drive back, .. go to START>ALL PROGRAMS> there is NO 'All programs", can't get to anything. ( was thinking I could hit system restore etc.)
    Loaded the Windows CD, wont allow me to reinstall / repair from Windows.
    Tried to boot from my Windows CD and perhaps do a 'repair Windows' function. For the life of me I cannot even do a 'hit DEL' key to enter BIOS on boot up ( I thought I could select the CD drive as a boot drive in order to load the Windows CD to perform a repair).
    Is there anyway I can make the system load the Windows CD from boot-up without having to set the drive as the primary boot drive in BIOS?
    As for Firefox, does it store bookmarks & passwords anywhere that I can copy onto my new installation?
    Any help would be appreciated

  2. Sounds like I had an identical virus, I got mine from downloading virus protection software too :LOL: Perfect strategy, as those installing it clearly dont have protection at the time. Anywho, same symptoms, couldn't access almost anything in startbar, had to use the run command (windows + r) to get into anything, and had massive backgrounds saying I had a virus and needed to clean it. Then a special windows cleaner comes up saying you can scan, does a scan finds the viruses and says you have to upgrade to clean it :LOL:

    Long story short, its a fairly new virus, only been around a few weeks when I was hit a month ago. Eventually one of my virus protection program's (luckily installed on a different OS so I could login to the other OS to do the scan, because the virus has huge amounts of code preventing you using virus scanners), it was either kaspersky or symantec corp edition with the latest definitions, found alot of it. Also did some regedit cleaning to get rid of some of the stuff. Eventually got rid of enough of it to login and get what I needed out (it was just lagging and crashing with the virus before I removed most of it). But the damage was done, too many windows files modified/gone forever and windows wouldn't let me use the repair function so I cut my losses, installed another OS and moved on.
  3. Sounds identical alright mate. So the chances of extracting my emails are not looking good eh :cry:
  4. Your email 'file' might still be there, but will be hidden away... what program were you using for your emails?

    Every program stores something, you just gotta know where to find it... you could google "firebox bookmark file" to find out what it is and then from the new installation search the old drive for that file... :)
  5. I use Incredimail. Googled for firefox .. no luck :cry:
  6. You couldn't find the file on the disk, or you dont know what its called, i looked and found it should be "bookmarks.htm"

    Incredimail keeps all its mail inside a directory, the help is here:

  7. As discussed by Booga with one slight correction bookmarks file is bookmarks.html not bookmarks.htm

    By default the Bookmarks.html file that holds all your bookmarks is in your profile directory. On a Windows XP machine your profile directory can be found at

    C://documents and settings/FOO1/application data/mozilla/firefox/profiles/FOO2/bookmarks.html

    FOO1 will be your user name on your system. It might be admin or user; depending on how your machine was set up.
    FOO2 will be a random directory name generated by Firefox when it was installed. It is different on every installation.
  8. oh man i thought this thread had something to do with experience points
  9. NERD ALERT!!1... :LOL:
  10. ah, but since you KNEW what I was talking about...doesn' that also make you one? :p
  11. :LOL:

    thx Guys, I tried the bookmarks.html file ... no go :cry:
    However .. I stumbled upon info regarding firefox's auto bookmark backups.
    Apparently it keeps a daily backup of the last few days.
    Right Here : C:\Documents and Settings\Vincent\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\oja8hqva.default\bookmarkbackups
    You can restore right from the bookmark menu

    :dance: Alot happier now
  12. Teh !!1 also calls for a nerd alert. You're so 1337