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Xmas gift for Nan

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by halifax, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    In a bit of a dilemma, im trying to buy my nan a xmas gift however im not sure what to buy. What are we all buying the elderly in our families?

  2. i get everyone gift vouches so they can pick what they like, to easy
  3. Get her nothin, she has seen to many christmases....
  4. Goz? Do nan's know how to use a Voucher?

    Both of my nans died a long time ago so i dont have any old peeps to buy for, but I did used to work as a PCA in an elderly home so i know they hate getting talcum powder , soaps in the shapes of flowers and face washers lol

    What about a bottle of Brandy? or a nice knitted cardi? all nannas love a good cardi.

    Guess it depends how old she is.
    Silk scarf
    Chocolates and an an IOU for a nice lunch out with her grandson???
  5. Get her a Lions Christmas Cake for $13, a bottle of port and some lemonade so she can drink shandies in the sun.

  6. ...Ah!!.... Mr Humbug strikes again!!.... :cheeky:
  7. Get her a joy ride on a Harley Davidson.
  8. some purple hair dye
    perscscriptions for valium, or crush them up and make valium cookies
    depends maxi adult diapers
    a 'personal massager' (a great big long black one perhaps)
    a shopping cart
    a cat, or a few cats
    a gift voucher to Vinnies
    take her out for a game of Bingo on valium
  9. Got my nan a toaster that cooks eggs at the same time. Genius.
  10. I seem to recall it lacked bacon...
  11. Some nice handkerchiefs - I'm talking quality linen not K-mart special.

    A silk scarf.

    A wool throw rug for winter.

    Maybe band together with the other grandchildren and buy her a nice piece of jewellery? Pearl necklace or brooch would probably go down well.

    Is she a tea drinker? Maybe a nice cup and saucer +/- sandwich plate - Wedgewood/Royal Albert, something like that.
  12. Lol.
    I got my nan a nice sun hat and an outdoor chair for Christmas this year.

  13. shhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  14. The messgae you have entered is too short

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