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Xmas blitz, but where are the cops?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Doch, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. Ive been out on the roads quite a bit over the chrissy break and with all the hoopla about it being there being the biggest police blitz on since the begining of time I have seen a whole 2 one turning into a Maccas and the other had actually pulled someone over.
    So can any one up that total?

  2. I saw more Police on the weekend of the 17/18th December, saw 3 cop bikes and 1 Car, the bikes i saw had actually pulled people over.

    Only police i've seen in the christmas holiday was today when they had to block off the National park because it was full
  3. I saw one this morning just outside of Bass whilst coming back to Melb from Inverloch, thats pretty much it.
  4. 3 in the blue mountains, one who pulled me over on principle one who pulled someone else over and one just driving about. 2 more than i'd seen up here for the whole rest of the year~
  5. In one day (recently) I saw 5..yes FIVE cop cars, and 2 mobile speed cameras...all this during a ~ 1hr ride :eek:
    Damn..I must be riding on some serious 'revenue-raising' roads.
    Time to consult with GoogleMaps methinks...
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    A few days ago, there were two Police bikes that pulled into the Robertson Pie Shop for a break, shortly followed by five marked and unmarked cars spotted in Robertson itself when we went through. Probably the prize for the highest concentration of cops, but some were doing RBT I think.

    Only one unmarked car spotted on Mac Pass today though.
  7. last friday drive to jan Juc/torquay, saw one 'white' car on the geelong 'ring road' he was on at one ramp n off at the next, then whilst at torquay saw a 'blue' marked doing 2 laps round torquay before disappearing. maybe they have holidays too?
    • Xmas Day MLB to ACT. 1 x HWP car on Hume HWY 1 x VIC
    • 27/12 ACT to MLB 5 x HWP on Hume HWY 1 x NSW 4 x VIC
    • 1/12 2 x RBT SE suburbs 1 DIV van 1 x HWP
    • 2/12 1 x HWP at Spurs.
  8. Have only seen 2. 1 sitting in middle of princess fwy at Laverton. The other coming home on NYE on Monash, had pulled someone over. That's all...
  9. Saw one up close when they decided to chuck a u-turn in front of me (they coming from the opposite direction) to get into a maccas, totally misjudging the width of the road and had to stop in my lane coz they couldn't clear the gutter. Good on ya fellas. Double lines too. Mustve been a hunger emergency
  10. ^^^
    As Guido Hatzis himself has said, it must have been a
    "Situation Criiiiiiiiitical, Maaaaaate'

  11. There was a marked and an unmarked couple cruising the Old Rd on New Years Day
  12. just got home from getting some FFR and passed 1 that had his advertising lights on behind a skyline and and was in the process of stealing his plates then drove passed the cop shop only to see 4 x marked cars parked out the front
  13. Saw quite a few out and about today, including one who pulled me over and examined my forgery, just on principle. Good thing I was being a bit rubber chicken at the time.
  14. Pretty sure I saw that lot on my KV run - there was an RBT on both sides of the road on the main drag of Robertson, further down towards the servo...
    Same day there was another RBT at Albion Park on the Princes Highway, and a few HWP hiding in the bushes in the RNP.
    In total I reckon I saw about 15 cars and 4-6 bikes that day.
  15. I've seen one (down near the mascot bunnings) over the past two weeks. I even commented the other day to the wife wondering where they were.
  16. Saw 3 today in mornington whilst at the beach and leaving the beach.. 2 coming to check out the water and one one main st.

    on my way home from picking up the new bike on sunday saw 2 on the eastlink one in the middle looking for speeders, and one near goodguys on whatever that road is.
  17. One RBT set up on Chrissy Eve on Anzac Pde Kensington and a second one NYE on M5 east westbound at the truck pull-in. That's all. There may have also been on on bunnerong rd just up from eastgardens at some point but I can't remember when it was.

    Heaps around coogee, two on pushies, two on DR's, a bunch standing around, mobile command centre at junction of coogee bay rd and Arden St.
  18. Saw 1 on the hume just outside of goulburn boxing day, he was tucked around a corner on the inside emergency lane aimed head on at traffic,
    Very sneaky positioning, but i wouldn't want to come round a blind corner to find a marked police car pulling out head on into me to turn and chase a dangerous speeder before he kills a kitten
  19. Don't recall seeing any this holiday period..Not even in Frankston :eek: