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XL1200 brake caliper upgrade

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Fa1c0n, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Ok, as many of you know I was going through a crisis on if I should trade my HD or not. I decided against cause I love it too much.

    One of the major reasons for considering the trade was because my HD doesn't stop...

    It has a 2 piston caliper on the front as stock - this sucks arse.
    So I have now ordered a XR (the sportsbike HD) caliper which is a 4 piston and it should bolt right on.

    My bikes booked in on the 7th of dec for the swap.
    Will post before and after pictures and report on if the braking is better.
  2. :popcorn:
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  3. Hi Falc0n.

    I suggest that you look carefully at the master cylinder for the front brake on your bike...... you should find a number on it specifying the bore.

    Then check for the equivalent number on the XR.

    If the two numbers are the same, or even very close, the swap should work fine, but if you find they are very different your swap may have unintended consequences.

  4. Thanks for the update - but apparently this is a common mod.
    The guys at the hdforums Aus said to do it and there are people there posting that they have done it too. Increased braking a lot apparently.

    Will look as you suggested too though.
  5. Adding a beefier single caliper will work fine with your stock M/C.

    My only concern, (and no-one who has done this mod' complains of any problems), is fitting a caliper that is designed to work in a fixed mount with floating rotors, to a bike that is designed with a floating caliper and a fixed rotor.
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  6. Hmm, that is a good thought - we will have to see how it turns out for me!
    All others have only positives to say...

    I was under the impression I had a floating rotor?
  7. The base model XR has fixed rotors, like yours.
    The XRX has floating rotors.
  8. Yes, your bike is fitted with Harley's 'uniform expansion rotor', which is fixed to the hub. This was a choice bit of kit 100yrs ago. :ROFLMAO:

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. You'll be happy with this upgrade as many others are.
  9. The XR and XRX use the same caliper

  10. Thats good to hear, seems like it shouldn't matter if its floating or not then.

    I am looking forward to being able to stop...
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    Last edited: Nov 27, 2013
    Wow, I didn't know the early XR twin disc set up was all fixed! And this is why I enjoy referring to Harley's as 'time machines'.

    There is no other brand that produces a current bike that can immediately transport you back to the 60's when you ride one. :D

    Edit: I'm also saying that's not a bad thing if you're into that.
  12. haha that's it, after riding a softail for 10 years the XR1200X brakes feel very modern.
    Take one for a ride, you will never be so scared going so slow :D
  13. Holy Shit guys... These brakes guys, Guys these brakes!

    That is the biggest bang for buck mod I've done for the bike. I cannot believe how much of a difference it has made!

    The brakes begin working as soon as I THINK about braking, then if I pull them on a little more it really stops. Like - on a dime...

    In the two years riding this bike I have never, ever, been concerned about pulling the front brake on too hard and going over the front. Well now I am!

    10/10 would recommend!
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  14. It is fcuking stupid that they don't send these bikes out stock with this caliper.
    I can stop like a sports bike now. :)
  15. Good show!!
    You can now imagine what I mean when I say the XRX TWINbrakes are pretty good then?
  16. That seems fcuking crazy?!
    Two of these would put you over the bars!
  17. Top stuff mate, that is excellent. Glad you got a great result out of it.
  18. I've been telling everyone.
    I am friggen gobsmacked with the improvement.

    When people say Harley's don't stop it is simply no longer true for mine!
  19. Also, it looks much cooler.

    If only it was red - red ones stop better right?
  20. Now you just have to make it go and corner.