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XL Sportster Low peoples...

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. Hey guys just purchased myself a XL Sportster Low 883 - 07 can't wait to get it...

    Does anyone have one of these? what are your thoughts on this bike?

    cheers and safe riding...
  2. 07? So second hand? Can I ask what you paid?
  3. yep got it for $10,700 with only 2,000km on it 07 model they even threw in a open face helmet

    Fraser Motorcycles (Parra)
  4. Did that include on road costs?
  5. Don't have one now but have ridden almost 150,000km's on standard Sporties.

    The standard models don't have much cornering clearance and the low models are even worse.

    Dunno if you're familiar with Sportster brakes and suspension and seats, but these are 3 areas that need MAJOR improvements.

    Apart from that they're a really fun bike and generally pretty reliable. :)
  6. Gronk, firstly your fcuking avatar had me flicking my monitor...

    Secondly, I always thought all the 800cc-ish cruisers had crappy brakes, little ground clearance and seats that lose their "softness" after a few months?

    I should prolly look up these things for myself since I'm in the market for a similar spec bike :)
  7. yep that included on roads
  8. Cool bike, good price, you love it, all is happy with the universe!

    I do like HDs :cool: :cool:
  9. Ty for the info on price. A Sportster is on my list of possibles - though I was worried about the low due to (oddly enough) its ride height.

    Anyone know if Harley dealers bargain much for a new Sportster? What kind of deal can I reasonably expect if the rrp (not including ORC I presume) is $11250?
  10. When are you picking up your new harley Mon? Just curious how come there is a wait if its a used bike.

    I'd love to have a harley one day... if i can afford it :D

    Happy riding with your new bike mate.
  11. no wait really... signed on Monday, Tuesday/Wed deal detailing bike, Thursday finial payment made, Sat bike being delivered as I work on Friday...

    Can't wait!
  12. Sold mine for $11000 in December (07, 4000km) so you're getting a reasonable price from the dealer. Does the bike have any mods? What colour?

    Seat is very much subjective, I personally didn't have a problem with 300-400km in a day, but others can't stand even 10km in the stock seat.

    Remember it's not a sportbike and watch the clearance accordingly. www.xlforum.net has a heap of sportster specific info.
  13. Wife had a 97 Sportster and the stock seat was awful! Worst part of the bike! Look at something like a Corbin or LePera seat, various styles available depending on your preferences and your bum will thank you for it unless you only ever plan short trips. 20-30 km on it and that was enough for me!

    We added Koni shocks to ours and progressive springs, handled amazingly well, though you would have to go the short ones (Ikon do them now) to retain the low seat height but ride is much more comfy.

    Never had an issue with the brakes, single disc at the front was fine. A Screaming Eagle or other aftermarket air cleaner and some slightly better pipes and it will go better too. They are a pretty good bike with a few minor tweaks and a lot of fun to ride, plus they sound great! Pity they come stock with crap suspension and seats but easily fixed, not that you should have to on an over $12,000 (new) bike!
  14. I love mine and find it a great ride . I changed from a large double seat to a less padded solo (ebay) but wil be getting it repadded and covereed in the near future.

    The ride height is perfect for me being a short arse and handling is just as good for my style of riding. Remember if you want a bike to handle like a jap sports bike then buy one of them. Harleys arnt Jap bikes ,they are not meant to handle like one so they dont.

    As lukas said there is plenty of info on the mentioned forum and also on this one.....http://www.hdforums.com.au and I find its great site as its in australia
  15. I've got nothing to contribute except that seems like a fcuking good price!
  16. mon_4u2c

    Good bike... Good job! and tasteful! ;)

    HD all the way

  17. Beeeautiful bike!

    Hi there

    I bought my first Harley in January... 2008 883XL Sportster.....beeeeeautiful! Have waited about 20 years to get up the guts to buy one and they were finally kind enough to build a bike just my size....all I can say is that it was well worth the wait! :grin:
  18. Good stuff, were do ya head riding usually.
  19. I have only just started out again after quite a few years off the road and don't know anyone else who rides. I'm just spending some time getting to know the bike and getting up some nerve for a decent ride. I'm not keen on riding on my own so I'm hoping maybe I can meet a few peeps that would be happy for me to tag along with them occasionally.