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xjr's and now dr's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Fishbulb, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. why do i see so many cheap yamaha xjr 1200 1300's around???

    has anyone ridden one?

    i was thinking about a bandit 1200 (for long commutes and touring)
    but there seems to be some newish (98-99)xjrs out there.

    (or is it that theyre actually terrible??)
  2. LOL I have the same question...

    Also the big GSX and the CB1400?? how are they...
  3. i wonder if i shouldnt have posted this in the reviews section?
    i dont have a review but want one.

  4. when you buy one, you can just lend it to me for a few weeks and i'll let you know if its good or not :grin:
  5. There is so many xjr's bc thier all upgrading to FJR's :)

    and now i've got one I know why :) :) awsome machines :twisted:
  6. XJR's are great once you fix the front end, stock they come with soft springs and an under damped suspension action. They dive alarmingly under braking and feel too pogo like in even normal road conditions. The latest ones aren't so bad in this regard as Yamaha finally seems to addressed those problems. Personally i prefer bars with not too much sweep so i would whack on some moto type bars, the stock ones are a little narrow and come too far backwards which i don't like at all. Feels like it cramps up my shoulders or something.
    Apart from that they are absolutely brilliant!! :cool:
    Absolutely bucket loads of torque and seemless power. That engine is a pearler for sure!! Maybe nowhere near as dazzling as modern sportsbikes but more than enough for the majority of people. The only thing that will hold you back in straight line drags is wind blast, otherwise you can match and surprise a whole lot of bikes from the lights.
    In the twisties their weight is definitely a minus, they aren't a scratcher by any means. However a capable rider can hold their own on this baby.
    If you have never done distance on a naked bike the you might be in for a surprise riding this bike, windblast can be a real pain in the arse. Either get used to it and build an upper body of steel or wimp out and get a small screen! :wink: It also makes a fantastic pillion bike too, the passenger seat is both comfy and provides a real feeling of safety ie. not falling off of it.
    Overrall i think the XJR is an extremely underrated bike, one that has been largely ignored due to the fickle Aussie market. It has been around for a quite a long term in various guises and the engine is as bullet proof as they come.
    If you are thinking about a big naked then the XJR1300 is the way to go imo. (1200's may be cheaper but the 1300 has the improvements needed)
    Cheers, Pete.
  7. cool... that s exactly the type of info im after...

    so a 1300 wont need any work(front springs)?

    imm a bit of a cruiser so not being dasseling in the twisties is no biggie for me, a tourer is more my scene.

    how easy would it be to fit a small screen???
  8. no worries.. oh wait...... sorry that was supposed to be bwahahahahaha...no.


    hey i just looked at your website and i cant see the big piccies.... doh!
  9. There are a couple of nice XJR's in this months Motorcycle Trader Mag. I think one even has a small screen and I was inpressed by the easy asking price. Still a bit out of my range but I'm working on it.
  10. OK... I'll do that... when I get one... LOL OVER $10K!!! you might just wate some time!!
  11. why do i keep getting that from people when i offer my services? :?

    :p :p

    will fix that soon, the two hellions are taking up a lot of my website fixing time :LOL:
  12. hey i just noticed....



    och well.

    ive just had a hour long discussion about dr 650's etc... any comments?

    i kind of like the off road (gravel road) abilities, the riding position seems good and the price.... well what can i say...

    but..... (theres always a butt)

    how would these (types) do for a long distance tour??
    2 up?
    with a pack?

    hmmmm.... this has kind of thrown a spanner in my works.
  13. IMO a 1300 is pretty sorted compared to the 1200's and shouldn't need stiffer springs. I remember riding both back to back at a previous workplace and thinking how much better the 1300 felt allround. The 1200 had such soft springs and spongy front brakes that it can put people off in say a test ride situation.
    If it were me i'd go for one of the XJR1300SP models or later, they are great bog stock. (apart from handlebars but that's a personal thing)
    Fitting a screen is quite simple and shouldn't take more than a couple beers!! :LOL: I used to know of one brand that made a corker of a screen that really suited the XJR but now i can't remember it for the life of me. Have been trying t do some searching but to no avail (It was actually a brand that specialised in Harley and custom parts). Maybe if you ask at your nearest Yamaha dealer they can show you a variety of options screen wise.
    In the meantime, definitely go have a test ride and see for yourself how good a 1300 is!!! :cool:

    For touring it would be great imo, this size old school engine makes the kind of easy power that you could cruise on all day. It will take a passenger no worries (and they will be comfy and happy!!) but you will most likely need to fit a screen if you haven't toured on a naked bike. It is quite energy sapping being hit with windblast for hours on end. Personally i like touring on nakeds, i once rode from Melbourne to Brisbane and back on my Hornet 900. I would have preferred the XJR for that trip though, the Hornet gets very uncomfortable after hours in the saddle.
  14. im alll inspired to buy one, however i did promise i would test ride some 600-650 singles first.... (sigh)
    ok let the testing begin
  15. Ok, having had a big single let me tell how much i hated it for touring!!! :LOL:
    Not sure if that's what you want to do with it but if it's an alternative to the XJR, i'd say don't waste your time. Unless you are specifically planning to do backroad touring (ie. dirt and poorly surfaced roads) then maybe, however the XJR has it aaaaalllllll over any bike like that. But that's just my opinion. :cool:
  16. bugger.....

    keep in mind im going to be doing 98% city stuff....commuting etc
  17. Well, the XJR's are quite heavy so commuting might be easier on a single, however they do mask their weight well and are surprisingly agile for their size.
    But asking me is a little redundant because i have such a strong opinion on which i'd get anyway. :wink:
    I just remember once trading in a bike that really stirred my loins for something more sensible and how i always regretted it afterwards. :LOL:
    I say go for the bike that makes you feel the best while riding!!! Motorcycling should fire the soul imo.
  18. AMEN brother... ill try and see what develops...

    i gotta admit a big single seems pretty good in traffic+ worlds cheapest insurance.....

    big 4.... well sound... and i like a big bike... always have.

    a big 4 seems a better motor for the 1000+ k days... however, im no expert....

    i figure ill test