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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by spacejazz, Apr 12, 2013.

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    Hiya folks.

    I had my heart set on a CB400 for a few months. Then the realisation that I couldn't afford one set in. Lo and behold I see an XJR400 on Bikesales and I'm smitten. It looks a little cooler (to me) and it's a grand or two (or 3) cheaper. "So why aren't there many around" I ask myself. They're grey imports of course.

    The dealer assured me that yes, parts can be a pain but they manage and he wouldn't be selling it with warranty if he didn't think it worth it.

    The bike is in lovely knick. A couple of minor scratches, just enough that I wont cry when I add one or two (or more) myself. There's no evidence at all of it being dropped. The switchgear is faded a bit but that's nothing out of the ordinary. It's got 12k km's on it. A full year reg, virtually new tyres with a ride away price of $5600. Sound fair?

    It's exactly $100 over my 'set' budget. And yep I have all my gear. Okay almost. Pants tomorrow. And money aside for insurance.

    I told them I'm pretty interested tonight and they have already taken it off bikesales :/ I didn't even make a deposit!

    Thanks for any input.



    P.S went for my first proper ride last Sunday with a mate from work who bought a new Ninja300. I borrowed my sons VTR. We went up through Kinglake. Got my first bike nods while trying to stay focused! Even though the bike felt a bit strained with my 90+ kg's on it it was a fcuking awesome day.

    I wont bother regretting not doing this 20 years ago, I'm just super happy I've done it at all :D

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  2. was the dealer sumoto by any chance?

    always be skeptical of grey imports with low k's....what year is it - are you sure that's the year and not the compliance date?

    not trying to suck the joy outta your situation just cautious
  3. Heya crisis

    Nah not Sumoto. I've read enough negatives about them to steer well clear.

    It's from Mick Hone. Unlike Sumoto these guys appear to have an excellent reputation. Terrible website though :/

    It's a 2000 model though going off this site (http://www.xjrteam.com/HISTORIQUE_XJR/XJR400/Page-XJR400.htm) it has more in common, appearance wise, to the 2001 pic. It has a digital odo that doesn't tick over at 99,999. That still doesn't mean there's no trickery of course.

    Cheers for the feedback mate :)

  4. hey turkey,
    Mick Hone is good. long time solid repute.

    of couse it's slow lump of shit, but what lambs bike is'nt. noob won't care. think it's the fastest thing on the road. think he's fcuking superman now.
    no worse a bike than a gs 500 or cb 400, same difference. they're all toyota camrys.
    it's a jap, so plenty of life left in it.
    just don't push it past it's limmits, or yours. it's a soft roader, very forgiving until it can't.
    just buy it allready because your heart wants it.
    stay safe.
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    Cheers mate!

    I'm surprised the CB400 brigade haven't raised hell over your comments. True as they may be, did you really have to use Toyota as an example? lol

    Your right, I want it but I still have to be practical. Parts being the biggest concern, and price of admission (for a CB400). fcuking LAMS is a rort :/ It'd be awesome to get a 600 Hornet and put a restricter kit on it, or something like that. Don't the Yammy FZR and Kawa Ninja spin off's just use a bracket with a stopper in the throttle assembly?

    Just to be clear, I didn't create the thread because I want people to tell me to get the Yammy because that's what I wan't to hear. It's genuinely about advice from anyone who has been there, done that and whether it was worth the potential grief.


  6. At a dealer in Adelaide you could pick up a brand new cb400 for just 500 less than a brand new cb1100. Although that may be something to do with the lack of interest in the 1100. Well, I like them, bought one cheap! As for the xjr, personally I would buy a newer 250, old bikes = more work to keep on the road, just like a certain cbr250rr I used to own
  7. What about the new cb500s ?
  8. Get the CB and you'll never regret it. It has plenty of power to keep you engaged even after your restrictions (I speak from experience). Not to mention its fit and finish is top notch.

    Don't listen to people who tell you (basically misguide you) or imply that you'll feel the lack of power on these bikes after a while. Yes, they are not supersports bikes, but they have enough get up and go to keep you excited within the legal limits (0-100 in about 5 sec is faster than about 90% of the cars you'll encounter on the road).

    Moreover, I see quite a few supersports bikes with chicken strips at least twice the size on mine. These are generally the lot that will tell you that a 400cc LAMS bike does not have enough power to keep them engaged. Such people generally can't shake others off their tails on their piddly little 400s when it comes to riding in the twisties.
  9. What year is it?
    I'd consider it. Parts may be a hassle but regular stuff like sprockets, cables, clutch, pads, discs, filters etc seem fairly easy to get.
    You'd have the same issues with parts as I have with the ZR and I haven't really had any yet. They are very similar bikes.

    Odd for the XJR there are less parts listed at Wemoto for 2000 on models than for earlier ones. Still plenty of reputable parts on ebay.
  10. Heya fellas

    Well, looks like the head won. Apart from niggly potential what if scenarios even insurance is a bit of a pain. The money saved over a CB could easily be eaten up if the XJR plays up.

    So back to Ye Olde Drawing Board. Damn and I thought I had it all worked out lol.

    So here we go again. Short list:

    SV650F (not Gladius. I can't look at those without chuckling -- apologies to any owners)

    Cheers for the input guys. You've all been very helpful :)
  11. Forget the CB500. It is a recently released model. I think it was about $8000. Cheaper than CB400 but still out of your budget.
  12. Thanks OneTrack. Yeah I need to keep a level head here.

    There's a 08 CB400 in Shepparton for 5k from a dealer with 29k km's. It's blue, which is a bummer, but the km's seem reasonable especially for the price. Any thoughts?


  13. Go have a look at it.

    I have had mine over a month now. I bought mine due to the reputation it had. I think it deserves that reputation, but sometime I wish I had spent more time with it before buying it.

    My biggest concern about the bike is the weight. The weight of the bike is very deceptive when balance upright and stationary, or when on the go. It seems ideal, but for a short person or weak person - get it off balance, stationary on a hill, or man handling it around your garage/drive way - watchout, that weight could bite you. I guess that warning would apply to most bike as the CB is only 190+kg - about the same as some mid range sports bike and considerably lighter than touring or cruisers.

    I just wish it was one less issue to deal with when I am on mine L's.