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XJR1300 Custom

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  1. Very nice..

    Love the XJRs
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  2. Looks tough, but not overdone....great job!
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  3. Love it. Want it. Awesome.
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  4. Awesome
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  5. Damn thats nice :cool:
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  6. That's a good looking bike mate. A bit like the new retro XSR900 but this is the real deal. What year is it? I really like that.
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  7. gday Yo-YoYo-Yo, man that's a great looking man's bike, hardcore all the way. the ohlins really set it off - I like it a lot!
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  8. #9 Yo-Yo, Jun 13, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
    DegatoDegato Hi mate it's a 2015 model, but anywhere between 2008-2016 is essentially the same bike with minor styling updates.

    The Europeans have an updated styling version of this bike to cash in on the retro craze but Yamaha Australia is yet to bring one in if at all.

    The good news is most of the new parts work with the old one with a bit of modification

    Thanks to everyone for the positive comments, it is really appreciated :)
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  9. Where did you the side covers, seat, rear hugger and tail light?

    Did you need to do any work on the subframe?

    I've got a 2000 XJR1300 and wondering how I can modify it without any chopping.
  10. Hi mate,
    Side covers are custom made. Rear hugger and tail-light were sourced from ebay.
    The seat is a factory one for the European model XJR1300. This can be ordered directly from Yamaha, but it's not an exact fit for the older models. You have to move the seat catch (on the seat itself) to the side to fit the older model seat lock location. Some fiddling might need to be done on the end of the fuel tank to get it to fit nice and snug but not really necessary.

    Unfortunately, you have to chop the sub-frame about 8-9cm to achieve the same kind of look. There's plenty of examples on google images to give you inspiration. It's worth it if you get the job done right.
    I've always loved the look of Japanese Muscle bikes but never been a fan of all the plastic bits, thus why I've modified the way I have.

    I'm waiting for an aluminium fender to arrive in the mail, then it's getting powder-coated in matte black to go with the overall theme.
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  11. Again - I love it.

    I have to admit - I've been looking at Bikesales......just out of curiosity.
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  12. You can find some bargains out there, just a matter of timing. Some 2012-2013 models were going for $9,000 or less but either they were interstate, out in whoop whoop or I missed out.
    Eventually got fed up and just bought a brand new one hahaha, haggled on the price as it was built in October 2015 but it's identical to the 2016 plates anyway.

    If I could do it again I'd wait for a clean 2012-2014 model to pop up then go to town on mods, but this bike is a keeper for me so I'll get my money's worth in the long run (y)
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  13. You've got a mean looking bike alright, do you like the performance and handling? When my missus gives me the okay, I,m gonna upgrade the Triumph. I keep thinking about the Speed Triple, but this could be on the cards.
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  14. DegatoDegato I highly recommend taking one on a test ride if you have the chance. There's a reason why a lot of people regard it as a solid all-rounder
    It's definitely no speed triple but it's no slouch either. It will cruise comfortably on the highway and I can fang it around like a sports bike in the twisty bits but sometimes the suspension can seem a bit "undersprung?" maybe I just need to play around with the settings a bit more.
    I was a bit skeptical about it only having 5 gears until I realised it's not an issue with a torque monster like this, you could easily get away with just having 3 gears with this type of engine.

    I upgraded from a little sr400 and a GS500 so really anything will be an upgrade to those in terms of performance hahaha
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  15. Hey YoYo killer bike. Are they Kineo rims? What about the hubs...standard or talon hubs...can i ask what the rims set you back cost wise and who did the lacing for you?
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  16. Hi Steve71Steve71 yeah they are Kineo wheels :) Hubs are from Kineo too. Everything came pre-assembled so it was a simple bolt-on job and they provide hub sizes and spacers depending on your bike model.
    Definitely not cheap either at just under $3800 delivered. But seeing the wheels in person (always take a second look when I walk away from the bike) and knowing not many people will have a set makes it worth it to me for the premium I paid for them.

    Edit: Pics will be updated once I get the new fender back from powder-coating. I'm also trying to do a mash-up vid to post to youtube but I have *very* amateur filming and editing skills hehehe
  17. Nicely done. The wheels look good just don't think I could be bothered cleaning them lol
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  18. I'm happy to help with filming and editing. Would love to see the bike in person anyways. I was a film student but a little rusty now since I left school almost 10years now. PM me if interested!
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  19. Check out bike exif .Some crazy xjr's on there .I'm looking at kineo or excel rims for my thruxton r when I get it . Where did you buy your rims .Here or overseas place
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