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Xj900s Issues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Oskar, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. The oil level light comes on intermittently on my Diversion despite the level actually being OK. Should I suspect something sinister or is it a common issue? Is there an easy fix?
    Also ... that stupid crappy metal the fuel sender is made of ... is there an economical replacement?
    I've been using the trip meter but I had a close one yesterday when I thought I had enough fuel but forgot that the speedo cable had come loose a few days ago and thus the trip meter didn't work either. Duh!

  2. Alot of early yamaha's run an oil level gauge, and they will light up sometimes even when plenty of oil in the engine, so it is less concerning than a bike with a oil pressure switch which should be shut down if the oil light comes on.
    It could be a number of things;
    Your method of checking your oil level might be wrong, and the level might actually be low.
    You did not say under what conditions your light came on? Is your oil level near the bottom of the window or near the top? Some yamahas are prone to having the oil light come on when idling on side stand, due to the level gauge being on the RHS of the engine and the oil runing to the LHS, and even if oil was visible in the window, if it was below half way in the window then light would come on.
    The wire going to the gauge could be shorting out somewhere.
    The gauge itself could be faulty.

    I'm unaware of any bike specific aftermarket fuel sender units on the market. You may be stuck with the crappy genuine unit.
  3. Thanks for the info,

    The light comes on when on the road, and then goes off a few minutes/seconds later. No particular pattern.

    I always check the oil level on the centre-stand, and have done so with all of my bikes for 40 years or so. I guess it's as you say .... one of those things with older XJ's. I just hope it doesn't end up becoming one of those "boy who cried wolf" situations one day and the oil really is gone.
  4. Checking oil level on centre stand is the easiest method and is generally ok, though some stands jack the rear of the bike up a fair way & depending on the location of the sight window, will give you a false reading. I know I might be splitting hairs here, because it may only put you out by 100-200mls, but sometimes that's all it takes to intermittently trip the oil level gauge. I personally hold/balance the bike upright on its wheels while watching the sight glass, but this can be tricky for some people to do.
    However, if you've owned the bike for a while & always checked the oil level that way and it has only started playing up now, then it's probably the dreaded "Intermittent Electrical Fault".
  5. G'day guys
    Been off the air for while but haven't forgotton you all.
    Anyway, I'm repairing the brakes on one of my old '85 Yam XJ900's. Not the XJ900S Diversion.
    Does anyone know where I can get a rear brake master cylinder kit online? Even just the seals/cups would be enough.
    I can get front ones easily enough online but I can't seem to find the rear one.