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XJ900S - Headlight Upgrade....????

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Major_Max, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Hi All.

    has anyone upgraded their headlight on an XJ900S Diversion...the Stock headlight is pathetic...is it possible to replace this unit with a sealed beam or another type of globe which will actually illuminate the road in front of you, instead of just tease like the standard item does....???

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated...


  2. I used to have a Diversion 900S. I agree... the headlight was pathetic.

    No fix here sorry, I just used to take a different bike if I was intending to do much night riding.
  3. Did you work out a solution?? I have this problem too.
  4. Hi FreddyB

    I ordered a Philips X-treme Power + 80% Halogen globe from Autobarn for $40.00. Its not a stock item in store , but their warehouse keeps some on hand. This same globe goes for between $65 and $79 on ebay.

    Im still waiting on it to arrive, so I'll have to give you an update and let you know what its like...should have it within the next week, I suspect. Im keeping my fingers crossed it will be a huge improvement on my current candlestick...


  5. Just updating this topic, I recently installed the Phillips Extreme 80% and finally I have seen the light..... :shock: ...this globe is pretty good....not sure how much better than a Phillips +50% which I think are a little cheaper.....providing the globe goes the distance without dimming too much in the next year or so I'll be reasonably happy.....
    Cheers Max
  6. if you guys are putting uprated globes in why not simply just put in a hid conversion. you can get all the globes avail and then all you need is a place to put the ballast (about the size of a fat credit card for the slimline ones). they run a lower wattage and will still be much brighter
  7. How much heat do HIDs radiate? I'm not sure if it's folklore but I seem to recall reading somewhere that they can generate enough heat to distort an ABS headlight "glass". I'd like a better light but am not sure which way to go. In my case the ballast would have to live outside the headlight shell.

  8. There are some big problems with HIDS conversions according to this


    Just as important, if HIDS fails on a bike with a single headlight you're stuffed. I carry a spare H4 globe which only takes a few minutes to replace. Better globes are more expensive than Kmart specials but nothing like the cost of a HIDS kit.

    In real terms is HIDS that much better to justify the effort?


  9. If the reviews from overseas Divvie sites are anything to go by, AND you ride heaps at night, probably is worth the hassle.

    However, I'm with you. I do very little night riding, and those Philips globes do the trick for me.