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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hendo72, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all, I'm back (seeing that Vic cant ping me) my name is Jason I ride a 1991 xj600 Seca and live on the Mornington Peninsula. C ya round.

  2. what was your previous username?
  3. and your 1st post was a great welcome back eh :roll:
  4. xj6001991 started the thread for Brisbane coffee nights back in 2006.

    also a member of a another forum that most people like to shitcan and it is not bikes and scooters, pnut, chef and loz know who I am.

    Then again there is alot people in here I know and have ridden/ride with in the past.


  5. Hi and welcome back.

    Don't suppose you have a owner's handbook for the bike. It would be good if I knew how things were meant to work.
  6. Welcome back from another peninsualrite!

  7. yep I do Owners, Parts & Workshop all on disc let me know if you want a copy.
  8. Copy would be good. Took me over a month to figure out there must be an easier way to cancel blinkers than trying to switch them back to centre. And still haven't figured out exactly what I am doing when I switch the fuel tap to "neutral".
  9. Thought vic was your best mate, or at least thats how you portrayed it.
    Your a two faced twat....spineless in every sense.

    Hope people see you for the shallow *&^% you are...shouldnt take too long.
  10. Hi Jason. Good to see you have love in you still.
  11. Amen brother

    Won't be long Stooks so easy bud

  12. Ahh dont you just love gay love!!!!! nothing like a bit of bromance!!!

    Are you two still a bit sore from being booted from the other forum????
  13. Me and Deano are very happy together in a land without twats, unfortunately you came back, obviously there must me nothing for you on your "other forum".

    We tend to kiss each others asses when you kiss every ass. manwhore ...lol

    The should make a dinger fir your Gob,

    Great to have you back ya big pr**k.

    I will get Dean to give you a toot when he sees you next.
  14. Hey Stooks can you imagine the shyte being written about us in the secret part this time ](*,)
  15. I woudnt worry deano,
    The big man doesnt have the balls to do it to our face.

    Let him do what he likes on his "special" forum with his "special" friends.

    Good on him,

    Im actaully glad Hendo is back, now I can hopefully get to read some great advice, motorcycling stories, mechanical info and riding tips.

    We shouldnt bag him, even fat pricks need love.......
  16. Funny that once again he's blocking us where he can :wink:
  17. Cant wait!!! till Deano says hi to me!!!
  18. Safe to say that you guys have a bit of history then?
  19. We have history but its all good, Hendo is a Class -A sh*t stirrer, I am too.
    Just a bit of Harmless banter between old friends.

    It keeps things interesting.

    Hendo with his many AKA's is a top bloke....and a good stirrer. :)
  20. ohhhh isn't that nice!!!!!........ yeah right.