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XJ 600 Seca II. Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Seany, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have or has anyone had an XJ 600 from the early to mid nineties? I've been considering this lately as a posible replacement for the CB. They seem to be well priced and bikez.com give them a great wrap. Just wondering if they they have any quirks, common problems or trouble spots I need to specifically look out for when I look at them outside the normal probs a second hand bike is likely to have?

  2. I have one as a project bike for when I upgrade but as it's undergoing a rebuild & I've never ridden it I can't say! pm Honey as she can probably answer any questions you may have she upgraded to a VFR 750!
  3. Haven't nay expereince of them myself, but they built a solid reputation in the market. Single disk at the front was a turn-off for me, but they were quite light so that's probably just a personal issue.

    "You have the cool clear eyes of a Seca of wisdom and truth" (Frank Sinatra.


  4. They are CHEEP and good... one of the beter go any where do any thing bikes in the 600 range...

    It is not a sports bike and it is not a tour bike it is a comuter... look at GSXF600?? (basicaly small bandit) as well.. very similrar...
  5. Yeh, the Bandit is a great little bike too. Both bikes have a good "round town" riding position and can be described as "all-rounders"

    For someone who's after substance and not image, a good bet.
  6. Thanks guys & gals. Will definately check it out then. :)