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Xenon Headlights

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by orcus, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Just want to hear some opinions on these and maybe have some questions answered.


    Any one got them or know of them fitted?
    If so, home fitting or done by auto electrician, bike shop?
    Any suppliers in Aus, pref in Sydney?

    I do quiet a bit of night riding and find that the low beam just does not give enough detail or distance to avoid road problems. I would be fitting to a 2004 CBR600RR.

  2. Are they the globes that look blueish in color?
    If so I had them in my 4wd and they worked a treat, brought up even the faintest of white in everthing at night and could see much better( I also found this to be a personal thing as some other drivers of said vehicle didn't like them so much)
    However I'm not sure about putting them in a bike but IMO I cannot see why not as they run cooler and use far less power than the standard halogens.
    Just a side note, if you ever upsize your original halogens to higher wattage versions be careful of the extra heat generated which can melt the plastic when the bike is at a stand still ( no airflow to cool) and the extra power required to run them, may need a relay.
  3. Hmm - my recollection is that halogen bulbs produce light at around 5300K which is reasonably close to the colour temperature of natural daylight. HID lamps are more efficient and generate more lumens/watt, but shift the colour temperature towards the blue end of the spectrum. Although the eye is more sensitive to the yellow part of the spectrum, the increased light output more than compensates for the shift. And they look cool.

    The "blueish" halogen bulbs on the other hand merely filter out some of the longer wavelengths giving the light an appearance resembling that of an HID lamp, but in doing so actually reduce both subjective and objective brightness.

    All that said - I personally use an Osram blue-appearance globe on my bike since, to my eyes, it seems more "visible" to other vehicles during daylight (although I have no empirical evidence to support this) - and I rarely ride at night so am prepared to tolerate some loss of output.


  4. yes they are the best you can get, BUT they need to be installed buy at least an auto elec , i've got a friend that put em in his WRX ( he does night and off road rally stuff )

    lit also cost him 3000 to buy the system and get it installed, and that was at trade prices !! he wouldn't tell me how much the globes and ballest box ( igniter ) where either :cry:

    but at a rough guess 1500 to install this system on a bike, thats if its compatable with bike electronics and your headlight enclosure ( the globes are approx 5.5 cms long by themselfs !! )

    it became a non upgrade for me real quick :?
    hope this helps yah ,
    i can give you the website addy for this stuff if you like but at the moment that site is pushing : H4 vision plus or H4 blue vision only for bike upgrades
  5. Thanks for your thoughts.
    I am waiting for a reply to some questions from the US supplier but will then probably end up ordering from them and have them installed where I get my bike serviced. Will post after to let you know the out come.
  6. What globes have you got in the 600RR at the moment, my 2004 1000RR came with Philips VisionPlus globes as standard. They do the trick (especially on high beam) but sometime I too find the low beam to be a little low. You could try playing with the aim of the globe to see if that helps.

    Also have a read of this thread on another forum to get a better idea of what the whole globe thing is about.
  7. stick your head into an autobahn and check out the navara +50's (work a treat, same wattage, higher output due to different gases/filaments - whiter light) or if you want that 'blue' feel they also have a touring globe which i havent tried but have been told are pretty good.

    at about 25$ for a pair they're sure as hell a bit cheaper than the xenon's ;)
  8. I have a set of Phillips Diamond vision (I think) mind you not cheap at 150 a pair but cheaper than Xenon if they cost 3000
  9. where do you get these Philips VisionPlus and Phillips Diamond vision globes and what are they like? better for night riding etc?
  10. http://www.autobarn.com.au/

    Just make sure you get the right globe H4 or H7 are usually what you'll have to choose from. Also when you are handling the globes make sure you don't touch the glass, the oil on your hands causes a hot spot to occur when the globe it lit which dramatically reduces its life.
  11. Yep got mine from autobarn (dont do Supacheap, they did the wrong thing by my sister who used to work for them so it is a boycott on my part)
    I have a spare H7 and H3 I think at home because I had to buy them in a twin pack.
  12. Don't know where the $3000 figure came from, check out the link at the start of this thread. Upgrade kit $US239 + $US33 delivery.
  13. Don't know where the $3000 figure came from, check out the link at the start of this thread. Upgrade kit $US239 + $US33 delivery.
  14. Don't know where the $3000 figure came from, check out the link at the start of this thread. Upgrade kit $US239 + $US33 delivery.
  15. i saw the invoice 2856.00 for fit out of one WRX with xenon upgrade, wireing up of the ignighters and changing the headlight mounts to accept the larger Bulbs
    etc etc etc , it was a pain in the arse, to do but well worth it in the long run for him ( racing off road at night in the snow i'd want the best light to see with too )

    I rang him earlier and he said he sent that US upgrade kit back and told em where to stick it !!
    and then went direct to phillips here in Aus

  16. just read through that site in the motorbike section slowly just in case i was missing something, if i was you i'd ring em and ask if that kit does contain everything you need, the way i read it, its stating the conversion BULBS are 239 us . if that does include the rest that is a good buy
    BUT where are you going to mount the igniter box ? under your seat ? there is no way id have that much current running under my arse :D

    and a short circuit would fry your electrics and or bike

    Thats why the big dollars on the wrxy . he got the headlight mounts altered so the bulb connects direct into the igniter, one bloody big hole i might add :D so the only current was normal 12volt outside in the car loom
  17. I put VisionPlus globes in and they make quite a difference. $27 ea tho (in Tas.).