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xenon globes dont comply

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by mikey_mikestar, May 29, 2009.

  1. havent had a bike long and new here but thaught i should share some info i found out. went to change the headlight globes on the fzr 250 cos the ones in it were to strong and were draining the battery in heavy traffic ( found this out from a forum) anyway looked at the xenon globes and the mods to put them in (about $150-$200 for the kit). said this to the auto electrician i got my new globes from and he said that these are not legal and dont comply with australian adr's. if the lense is clear its ok cos the light is not restricted but if the lense is dirty it spreads the light everywhere and not just to the front where it should be.
    and yes i know new cars have them but he told me that these cars i.e. lexus, mercs and the like have washers on the headlights to wash them. i dont proclaim to know it all just relaying what i was told,wondering if anyone else has any input.

  2. Are you sure he was not talking about HID lights.
  3. Dont think so cos he was looking at the parts book when i saw them and also the box that goes with the kit. sorry if this doesnt help, not to cluey about bikes yet but im learning. maybe just ask next time your at the auto elecs and see what he says.
  4. HID kits cost a few hundred and require installing of a ballast to handle the power.

    Xenon bulbs typically refers to simple replacement globes, usually identifiable by a transparent blue cover over the globe. They require no mods, and usually put out less useful light (many 8000k). If these type of gloves give off a blue tinge its telling you they have a higher colour temp eg 8000 again.

    Ideally if you're just going to replace the globes, you want to make sure it has the right wattage, etc. Typically for bikes 55w should be right. As for colour temp, ~4500-5000 is what you want. At that colour temp its going to still have a slight yellow tinge, 5000-6000 will be fairly white with a bit of blue.

    You get what you pay for, if you get cheap ones off ebay they will generally give off a white or blue tinged light, but be less effective.

    I'd recommend phillips vision plus bulbs if you're going that route. HIDs are a completely different kettle of fish. Yes the legalities are so so but the amount of light they put out is much much more than bulbs.
  5. the hids is what he was talking about and the ballast was the box i refered to sorry forgot the name. i did put some phillips ones in it, they are more like a light globe shape than the normal headlight globe and are 45 watt and they seem to be ok, i dont do to much night riding so they should be cool. thanks for the input, only had a bike about 8 months and im starting to learn some stuff. learnt heaps off the forums already.
  6. +1 to the Phillip globes.

    HID's require self levelling to prevent annoying other road users to be ADR compliant and as the retro fit kits don't do that, OEM units do, they aren't legal to fit to headlights.
  7. If you put in non-compliant HIDs, I will personally burn out your retinas with this big (and highly illegal) laser wot I have just come into posession of :evil: .

    The bloody things are bad enough in the cars they're designed for, let alone every bozo and his brother sticking dodgy retrofits in their fooly sik Lancers and whatnot.
  8. OSRAM Silverstar +50 globes...:)