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Xena XN14 lock -- really 110 dB??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by blackjacket, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I just bought one of these disc locks, and I used it today (n00bishly setting it off every time I try to unlock it :p)

    The alarm just doesn't seem that loud... it went off when I took the alarm unit out indoors, and it was pretty loud, almost painful.

    But outdoors, its not really that loud or conspicuous... as in it's annoying to people just walking past, but I wouldn't expect it to be heard inside when parked in front of a property.

    Is that normal? Maybe I should change the battery..

  2. Ur right mate, I've got one too and I don't think it is that loud outside, however one night it went off and I could hear it (not super loud) but i think oit does the job of getting some attention.

    I've had mine 3 months and it has run out of batteries already!! It has only gone off once, besides the arming beeps etc, and noobish set offs (ive had a few) embarrasing at a carpark when u drop the key!!
  3. I bought one so the kids wouldn't climb over the bike.

    Put it on when I am at a shopping ctr, or in the cuty, but don't bother anymore elsewhere.

    Don't think the sound would disturb a crook.
    Since it goes off every time it is put on, the neighbours tune it out after a while.
    Any prof crook would have a way around it, ie inject silicone in etc if it worried them.

    Buy it for the lock, the alarm is so YOU don't ride off with it on!
  4. I have the Xena XR1 which also claims to have a 110dB alarm. When I put it on my bike the only thing my family said was: "it's not that loud..."

    So yeah it I bought it only for a motion alarm I would be dissappointed.