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Xena disc lock prices

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Pebas, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Can people who own the xena disc lock alarms tell me what model they have and what price they paid please. Thanks :)

  2. I have a yellow one (i think its a fairly base model, although it does still have the rubber seal type bit)

    Cost me about $40 i think.

    The guys at Bike Mart in Ringwood (a netrider partner i seem to recall) have a few different models, and better prices to what i had seen elsewhere.

  3. i got told about a chrome one, unsure of brand but had an alarm of over 100db and that was $50-
  4. XN-14 - medium sized but with the fatter double locking pin (won't fit though holes in disk) - cost 90 bucks.
    Good lock, need to be careful getting it off so it doesn't trigger.
  5. I got the XN-14 with the optional cable. I can't remember the price I paid for both (the lock was $90 though), but I do remember the guy threw in free postage.
  6. Just bought one on Monday. I think its the XN14:

    110 dB Siren
    Double Locking
    14mm Locking Pin

    $90 - no cable

    I recall the manual saying the batteries are good for 8 months of regular use. I havent changed the batteries which it was installed with (received a spare pack too), but it doesnt sound that loud - not that ive been able to compare it with anything thats 110dB.

    Considering the price, it was a no brainer to buy over a standard lock.


  7. Xn10 - I think I picked it up for like 60 bucks, only used it once or twice... seems to be working :p
  8. Any one else got one :)
  9. I got myself the XZI (base model; yellow; no rubber seals; 110db) for $60. It was retailing for $79, but because i bought a bike, he gave it to me for $60.

    Looks like i got ripped of compared to the other replies :shock:
  10. Can I ask what's the different between the yellow one and the silver one?
  11. i've got a yellow one. no idea on the model but i wouldnt be surprised if mine is an older version as i've had it over a year.

    does the job well i think.

    Personally i reckon the bright yellow is better because its more obvious both to robbers and also to you so theres less chance of you trying to ride off with it on!

    think it was $40 or so.