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xena alarms good story

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by pil, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. First off this aint and ad for the alarms but a message to let all net riders how good their after market service is. My alarm disc lock developed a fault that made the alarm a little unreliable , ie it went off when it shouldnt have. I emailed the company and one day later I had my replacement alarm on my door step waiting to be fitted. Now I know how is this a good story if the alarm broke down but with all things electronic sometimes it just happens but the main point is they were more than happy to take on face value ( my say so ) that the alarm wasnt working and sent out the parts straight away, when was the last time you could say that about any business. Anyhoo just letting others know there are good businesses out there with standards and good ethics. Paul

  2. hmm interestingly enough I have a Xena lock which apparently decided it didn't like its battery after about the 5th night I used it. Expected a little more out of it, but thought maybe it was a cold weather thing. Bit nervy about using it when I'm not at home now, but nice to know they're a good company and help out when their product might be at fault :)
  3. I also bought one about a year ago and it stopped working after using it twice... was too lazy to take it back :roll: ...

    Thats pretty poor to hear im not the only one thats had trouble here...
  4. The real crazy thing is you guys havent taken back the faulty goods, how do they know if no one tells them. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease so be squeaky.
  5. To be honest, I thought I'd done it - it says the battery life would be shortened after use in cold weather so .. I dunno :) Might give them a buzz and see if I can get a replacement battery pack ;)
  6. I also had trouble with the Xena alarm disc lock. I used it every night for 5 weeks while we were in New Zealand. At the start, it was very sensitive and effective. If the bike was gently bumped by someone moving close to it, it would sound out. Great! It was doing exactly what I wanted.
    After the first week, it started to need the bike to be severely bumped, or the handlebars moved a lot, and even the weight being taken off the sidestand, before it would go off.
    With only 3 nights left of the holiday, much to the neighbours disgust, when i took the alarm off, it went off and could not be stopped. We tried everything and eventually had to dimantle the whole thing. I have since put it back together, and put the batteries back in, and it seems to work OK, but I don't feel very confident about it's responsiveness.
    I guess that with most things, you seem to get poor customer service these days, and so didn't even bother complaining about the disc lock.
    Besides, If a thief really wants your bike, they will take it anyway!?
  7. I have had a XENA alarm for the past 6 months and have found it to be trouble free and working fine hot or cold. My bike is only a GPX, but Its mine, and theives will steal anything.
  8. But how do you know that? Have you always been getting poor customer service.

    I know I've gotten up and down service in all different places. As well as that, it'd be like me saying people suck because they lie, because I know I've been lied to by people. *shrug* meh.

    Maybe if you can't be bothered, just say so, instead of trying to find an excuse for your laziness/lack of care/whatever your excuse is. (To be honest I probably wouldn't be bothered too, coz I'd have to find my receipt etc etc, unless I was going to pick up something at the bike store. :p)
  9. OK Grunge...perhaps you could get off your soap box..huh?
    I'm not making an EXCUSE for not taking the Xena thing back...I made the DECISION not to take the thing back. It wasn't very expensive...it mostly did it's job for the trip to NZ, which is all I wanted it for. Here at home I don't bother using it...the bike is insured...if it goes it goes.
    Perhaps the fact that I bought the lock from Peter Stevens ( only coz I was in a rush to buy it before I left ) Who have NO real customer service, put me off having to return it.
    So rather than going back to a shop I don't normally use, I know that I don't really rely on it, so I'm happy to let it go......ARE YOU?

    I only put the comment up, coz I felt I could also share the experience I had with the disc lock thingy...