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XENA Alarmed Disc Lock

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by jawntybull, May 26, 2008.

  1. I recently bought one of the XENA Alarmed Disc Locks to increase my bike security. Looked good in the shop, and (apart from deafening me when I first set it up) attached to the bike disc no problem. I wanted an alarmed lock for two reasons:
    1. Additional deterrent
    2. So I can't ride off without first taking the lock off!
    Anyway, for a day or so all was well, apart from a couple of false alarms at night - I put these down to our curious 50kg dog wandering around my bike.
    After several more days, it became clear that the false alarms had nothing to do with the dog. The instructions said to put the alarm in the 6 o'clock position on the disc to lower its sensitivity - no improvement. Yesterday I came home to find it going off in the driveway and there was definitely no-one around. This, together with a few terse words with my neighbours, led me to take it back.
    do you think the shop would accept that it was a faulty design? No. They even rang the distributor and I was advised to leave the lock there, and come back in a few days to see what the distributor thought. So what if my bike is pinched in the meantime? No answer. Anyway, after some further terse words, I insisted on my money back, and finally got it.
    If you like terse words, buy one. If you don't, then just get the regular non-alarmed one, and put an extra chain on!

  2. 1. About all it will do is embarass carpark posers after they've hopped on, and by then you already have a scratched tank. It does however, deter you from relaxing with friends/family/neighbours and sleeping.

    2. I jump on my bike on the street one day, stand it up, straighten the front, get comfy, gloves on, sidestand up, crank it and off I go... Bike goes clang and i think i've rolled into a pothole. Nope, the Xena is pinned to the caliper. Roll back the retarded thing finally realises someone is on the bike.

    Xena = FAIL

    Just buy a solid non-alarmed disc lock and a reminder cord.
  3. Mine never went off without reason - even on windy days I'd occasionally get the warning beeps, but not the alarm. Its stopped kids playing with my bike by going off, and a wino who wanted to see if I used grease on my chain. and some moron who thought it was okay to get his girlfriend to take a photo of him leaning on my bike. And they are only the ones I know about...

    And I could often lift my bike without setting it off, occasionally sit on it without it going off (trying my best to be gentle), but it never failed to go off if I started it...

    You don't mention which Xena lock you bought - the old ones had bugs - thus they brought out new ones. If you did buy cheap arsed outdated models, expect cheap arsed service from them - just like with everything else.
  4. I think the model was an XN? Brand new in store. Anyway, I now have a simple Master lock and reminder cord - and I can sleep without worrying about having to get up and disconnect it at 1am!
  5. I have one of these which goes on the 12R (had it maybe 2 years now)
    mine has been faultless, so I would suggest that you have is a dud one

    I would be making some noise (pun intended) about a faulty unit

  6. Mine (base model orange thing) works fine. I think it does what its intended to - makes a decent little noise, but only when the bike is nudged. It is highly sensitive, but no false alarms so far.
  7. I've scared the crap out of myself when I've forgotten its on and hopped on the bike....

    Haven't had any false alarms either.
  8. mine just went off randomly. i pulled the batteries out and it couldn't be happier with it now :p
  9. I bought an ABUS alarmed disk lock. Very solid and works perfectly. As soon as you move the bike into the upright position (from the side-stand position) the alarm goes off.
  10. I use a Xena and have no problems at all with false alarms. I attach mine at 9'oclock as opposed to 6 as it's easier to get on and off. It isn't going to be much more effective than a non alarmed model but hopefully the alarm will deter kids and people with grubby fingers from toughing my bike.
  11. I bought mine pretty much the day I picked up my beloved street triple, and apart from the occasional false alarms pretty common to everyone else in this thread, i don't have too many gripes.

    it's tweet-tweeted once or twice in the middle of the night whilst i was sweet and soundly tucked safely in bed ... maybe my striple was getting a little scared of the dark and the resident ghouls in my garage.

    if i had to whinge about anything i'd have to say i tend to more than easily lose / forget / misplace / experience exceptional difficulty in finding the disc lock's little black zip bag.

    money well spent? well i still have my road bike. perhaps had i had one on my dirt bike i'd still have it, rather than the thieves. :facepalm:
  12. On my Husaberg I attached the storage bag to the 'bars with the supplied strap. That way it's alway there when I need it. Should be pretty easy to replicate on the triple.
  13. One morning I forgot the damned thing was on the bike and started it and almost dropped the bike the thing went off and then it broke in two pieces and fell off not without warping my disc.

    I rather smearing rottweiler poo on my handlebars than buying another Xena alarmed disc lock.

    Here is what was left of it:




    If that was just starting I don't fancy the chances of it being strong enough to stop a thief.

  14. I swear by it

    This is the 2nd Xena disc lock I've owned. Honestly guys it will not stop a determined thief but it certainly discourages sticky fingers & the neighbours cat who though my saddle looked like a comfy place to sit - I little bugger ran a mile! :p
  15. I'm with most posters on this one. Bought it last year and the false alarms would do my head in. In the backyard I kept thinking it was the dog setting it off, and in the carport a little bit of wind would get it going. Now it sits in the coffee table draw. I just use an un-alarmed lock.
  16. thing is a POS....i bought one recently....and everybody would complain it would go off all the time (residential college).....so i took it back to the store they said, nup the only thing wrong with it is the batteries, and i was like are you sure? its been manufactured this year, im sure the batteries couldnt have run flat etc etc....NO its the batteries i was told....replaced the batteries put it on bike at the 6 o clock position (total load of shit like a few inches will make any difference), stood there and watched my bike, it went off in less than 5 minutes, i was like wtf...over the next 30 minutes it had gone off 4 times all up for NO REASON....took batteries out...now i just use it as a standard disc lock albeit it cost around $80? which is more than twice the cost of normal disc locks....in other words dont waste your cash, Xena shit effort try again.
  17. Might be a good idea to send an e-mail to Xena and suggest that they
    build in a sensitivity adjuster. Sounds like it needs one.Has anyone got another brand that works???.

    Get the local auto elec to wire a mercury (tilt) switch to the horn, I have
    one, it goes off if I stand the bike up or switch the ignition on b4 I
    dis-arm it, cost me about $100 I think.

    Never had a false alarm, as far as I know.
  18. I bought a Xena alarm, an XN12 I think, about three months ago and it seemed to be working for the first few weeks and then it started to go off in the middle of the night. On another forum I frequent other people have had the same problem and something which came from Xena to reduce false alarms was to clean the mirror inside.

    I did this (remove the unit like you're replacing the batteries) and then cleaned the little mirror as it had become covered with a bit of dirt and dust. I've had no false alarms since then!
  19. Ive also got a Xena disc lock alarm, ive had the occasional false alarm but nothing too major. its not really much of a deterrent for thieves though!
  20. Hey guys, sorry to bring up an old thread, didnt want to start a new one so...
    Just a quick question. I just bought a Xena disk lock XN10 or whatever, an when I first used it, I put it on a mates bike to test if I worked (5 o'clock position) . I left it on for 2 hours and I came back and took it off.

    So i tried to put it on my bike, but for some reason it doesn't alarm. I tried to place it at different positions 3,5,6 o'clock position but it still wouldnt alarm. I tried to clean the reflector/mirror and doesnt alarm.

    Just wondering if anybody has any solutions?

    Thanks Collin