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Featured XENA Alarmed Disc Lock

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jaytee, May 20, 2015.

  1. Anyone used one of these locks on a CB400.



    If yes, what size did you use and did you attach it to the front or rear tire?

  2. I have one of these for my Z1000. I use it on the front. Size depends on the size of the holes in your discs. My guess would be the smaller one.
  3. Yeah was thinking the 6mm one but wasn't sure if someone had one to confirm
  4. Yes I also use two of these ( front rear).
    Use the 6mm unless you know you can fit the larger one 14mm.
  5. got two in 6mm... has anyone intentionally set it off? My god its loud in a garage, although out in the open its not too bad. works well to get your attention if its parked at the front door at work and somebody sets it off.
  6. Do you get many / any false alarms with these? Would it go off if it was hit by hail?

    I work in a hospital and I would not be popular if it went off too often.
  7. With a bike cover on, I've never had a flase alarm.
    I've had a false alarm with no cover on a windy day, other then that they are pretty good .
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  8. I've heard some people remove the battery and just use them as locks as they have been prone to be sensitive to wind/movement etc
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  9. Mine's very sensitive, a light tap will set it off. But I haven't had any false alarms. Most likely, hail would set mine off.
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  10. Popped down to PS in my lunch break and got myself the XX6 & a reminder cable.

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  11. I might have to give one a go. Better to have a bit of noise than your bike gone.

    Thanks for that info :)
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  12. No probs.. i haven't put the battery in yet :) I don't think work would appreciate me testing at 120db
  13. I also got a xena recently for a peace of mind.

    Haven't had mine go off randomly as yet.
  14. Used mine tonight at the movies... The xx6 guys the cb400 well..