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XBR 500

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Because these are getting a little unusual and because there are Netriders who like the single life, I thought I'd give you a heads up about this.

    IMHO the guide price for offers is way too high for a slightly scraped, 22 y.o. Honda, but you might well get it for less if you make a silly bid.
  2. Oh, motorcycle disposals.com.au. Those guys crack me up. They ask a premium for what are sometimes very good bikes, but when you do the sums it never really works out worth your while - unless you know the right people, are after a track bike or are a gluton for punishment.

    Interesting bike though. Ever ridden one pat?
  3. I bought my R11 through MCD and didn't do too badly. The prices noted are claimed to be a guide only and seem to depend on the insurance company on whose behalf the bike is being sold. That said, I have noticed that the guide prices have been getting higher over the couple of years I've been watching the site. Some of the sillier ones do come down significantly over a couple of months though.

    As to the XBR, no I haven't ridden one. I remember them getting quite good reviews in the less wannabe racer oriented mags way back when. I'll admit that my loathing of Hondas makes me rather sceptical of their potential longevity.
  4. Yeah, that's what makes me cock an eyebrow a bit when I see old Hondas up for sale. I've no idea what it is, but I see a lot less XR500's compared to XT's getting around... I've also heard their parts support base drops off a fair bit over the years compared to Yamaha. Interesting bike though, I might track down a bit of info about it...
  5. That does seem way overpriced.

    There is one on bikesales that is restored and comes with a second bike for spares for around $4000.

  6. mcd is generally pretty overpriced. though once i saw an "apparently" barely scratched zrx12 for 4g with 20,000k on the clock.

    if that came up at the right time i wouldve snapped it up.
  7. Their interpretation of "easy repair" seems to be "just replace nearly everything, it's not complicated".

  8. And try and find the parts for that Mike!
  9. I almost bought one of these. The bike was advertised for $1500, in Mallacoota Vic - about as far away from Melbourne as you can get without leaving Vic. I couldn't find an SR and was giving up, even looking at big single dirtbikes (God help the madness of desperate men!). I rang the guy for info, said I was definitely interested, but would have to plan the trip to come that far. He said his brother in Melbourne could go get it and transport it to back to Melbourne. I rang him back a couple of times, no movement on that front, eventually forgot about it and a month later bought my SR. Then a week or two after that his brother calls me: I've just done a round trip to Mallacoota and have the bike, are you ready to come buy it? He wasn't very pleased, but what was I to do?! Communication is important! :grin:

    THat dodgy place in Melbourne is selling grey GB400s for $5000.
  10. MCDs guide prices seem to vary wildly with no apparent reason, from seemingly very reasonable to absolutely ball shrinking.

    Their sports bikes seem generally v. pricey, but I've seen a few apparent bargains in big Jap cruisers with scraped chromey bits. Well, I say bargain. It would probably cost quite a lot to replace all the shiney stuff, but if, like me, you're more of the "get it legal and cover the rest with rattlecan flat black" school of thought, there's been some cheap, low mileage grunt to be had.

    A few weeks ago, somebody scored an effectively brand new Sportster engine for $4k too, with a written off Buell wrapped around it. Not my cuppa tea particularly, but have a look in Just Bikes and see what any H-D engine is going for at the moment.

    Like I said, some of the prices are ridiculous. Gotta pick and choose.

    If I was after the XBR, I'd give it a couple of weeks and then offer no more than a grand as long as I wasn't going to have to transport it too far.
  11. I had the much prettier cousin to the XBR, a GB500tt. Absolutely brilliant little bike. Not fast but bloody quick on a tight twisty road. I was in love with mine I recall, but then again time may have strengthened the tint of those rose coloured glasses :grin:
  12. That's my old bike! I'm 99% certain anyway.

    How can I tell? That's the exact colour mine was (I don't think they were sold standard in bright red), and the XBR500 sticker on the left sidecover is a non-standard item. The aftermarket pipes are the same ones I had.

    The crappy painted black engine with silver barrels is another non-standard feature, that probablly only exists on the bike I owned.

    It's a custom paint job. The guy I bought it off told me it was the colour of the (at the time) new R1's.

    I bought it around 2005, as my first big upgrade after my learner CB250.

    It was a mint bike when I was looking at it. The owner had reportedly pulled it out of his brothers shed, given it a once over, new exhausts and stunning paint job, and was looking to sell it on. He told us he was a car mechanic, so I believed him when he said I could trust the mechanicals...

    I was pretty fresh, was overwhelmed by the experience and couldn't give it a proper test run. Cosmetically, it was gorgeous, like new. Caveat emptor.

    It had about 16'000km's on the clock at the time, and I have no reason to doubt this was genuine as the engine, aside from major carbs problems, was lovely, not a hint of camchain noise, amazing for it's age. It did backfire fiercely on the overrun, which should have been a hint.

    Long story short, I bought a bike that was 75% sound, a bit of a lemon. needed a new battery, tyres, and major carb work. It was really terrifying to ride, the tyres had tread, but were probably as old as the bike. By far the worst handling of the dozens of crappy old hacks I've ridden before or since. In that junior stage of my riding career, I didn't realise new tyres were a simple and worthwhile fix.

    I got scared of the mounting expense and sold it on. I sold it for the same price I bought it for, but I was $400 out of pocket for a new battery, fork seals, and carb servicing I'd paid for.

    It was very tasty though, and I soon regretted selling in such haste. I should have spent the cash, I missed it. It had a real animal character.

    I sent an email to the guy I sold it onto, apologising that I was sorry I'd sold him a lemon, but I wouldn't mind buying it back if he was looking at trading up later on, and this was his reply:

    I saw it on bikesales a year or two ago and it still looked neat, obviously been in a scrape or two since then.

    It looks like its had a pretty hard life since. The starter motors on XBR500's apparently die at mid to high K's, but other than that, by all reports they're a tougher bike than the SR500, with less electrical/valvetrain problems. Parts aren't easily available though. I wouldn't look at it as a daily, but a weekender it'd be sweet. Could be worth a look.
  13. lol at $2500. That's the exact sum, to the dollar, I paid for it 5 years ago, with 30'000km's less on the clock, mint cosmetics and a good ~10 months rego.
  14. With brand new GB400's for 5.5k from sumoto (allegedly not the best retailers, but still) I'd steer well clear of that XBR. Older reviews of the GB I've read seem to go along the line of 'easy to live with, plenty of fun, more use friendly than the XBR'. No affiliation etc, just in the know as I was looking at buying one.

    My 2c, anyway - boingk
  15. Sumoto's GBs are not new. The ads I've seen say something like "New 2009 Compliance". Which isn't actually fraud, but is certainly stated in a way that could mislead.
  16. I've gone and looked at a Sumoto's GB that just happened to be sitting there (near the workshop door) with the seat anc tank removed. Yes, it's a dodgy tart-up job (dodgy from the buyer's point of view, but from the seller's a sensible repaint). In between the pain and sloppy over-spray the bike was showing its age.

    I'd consider buying one from them, but you'd have to treat it as though you were buying privately: from what I've heard expect no warranty support or decency from them after the purchase.

    Goes to show that reputation really does matter; with 15,000 members here and lots of first time buyers reading the forums without joining, and probably putting Sumoto's name through the search function, Sumoto have probably lost a lot of business without ever knowing it!
  17. Whatever business they might be losing, they still seem to be sufficiently cashed up to be paying for thre page, full colour ads in Just Bikes and, I assume, Motorcycle Trader.

    I noticed in Just Bikes, there's another outfit offering GB400s and other imports. Scott's I think it was. Might be worth a look as a Sumoto alternative.