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Xbox or Playstation 2

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, May 7, 2006.

  1. I wanna get one of these but know jack about both. Which is better and why?


  2. I got a 2nd hand, chip modded xbox, because you can use it to play all sorts of media files as well as copied games etc.

    PS2 seems to get the best games earlier, but there's much less potential for modification.

    The new XBOX 360 is a monster, but could you really be stuffed paying that much to play computer games?
  3. xbox 360 gets my vote
  4. buy whichever has the most games you wanna play...

    I bought the Ps2 cause im a big FF fan...
  5. PS2 for Tourist Trophy & GT4

    Nuff said.
  6. I had an xbox sold it last year. Main game I played was moto gp3 it was ok but too arcade styled for my liking.
    Other than that the xbox was quicker at loading and Im sure there would be other good games on it, but my main use is motorbike games so I didnt like it.
    Now I bought a Ps2 the other week for Tourist Trophy and Ive got moto gp3 on it and I love it. Also you can get Isle of man tt on ps2 so Ill try and get a copy of that.
    So for motorbike games if thats your thing ps2 rules.
  7. Xbox 360 is fabulous, (I never thought I'd say that) but you need to factor in the cost of a High-Definition TV to see it at its best......
  8. NOPE :grin:

    Looks like the PS2 is winning so far. :)
  9. get the playstation it rocks lol
    i heard PS3 is coming out soon...
    dont know when but its coming...... :shock: :grin:
  10. What issues are there buying games from O/S? That tourist trophy is available O/S on eBay.
  11. PS/3 is late, bulk late.

    Sony are saying US release before Christmas: smart money is it will be lucky to hit by March '07, and by then some pundits are saying Sony needn't bother.

    Delays with BlueRay are part of the problem, as well as Sony's very red face over its invasive 'copy protection'.

    Still Sony DOES have official licensing agreements with F1 and that means no Formula One games on Microsoft's new toy for the forseeable future....
  12. overseas game will not play in your australian system unless it is modified.

    I have had both ps2 & xbox, I had ps2 for a few years and thought i would try an xbox, i have had the xbox for 2 1/2 years now and have not been back to play my ps2 once... not once.

    I play v8 supercars 3 everyday on xbox live, it is great. the xbox is a mile in front of ps2 for online play & once you do play online on the xbox and find a good room with good people to play with you will never want to go back to playing against the computer as real people play... like real people.

    If you have xbox live and v8 supercar 3 tell me and i would like to have a race with ya.

    Go the xbox.
  13. I'd love to, but the game is not compatible with the 360. Nor is Doom, gnash, snarl...... :evil:
  14. i know that v8 supercars 3 is not compatable with xbox 360 and that is why i will not buy a 360 till a game comes out that i would like to play more then V8 supercars 3. i will have to look at moto GP 06 on 360 and see if that will make me won't to get one.... but i don't think so.
  15. xbox 360 or wait till the PS3 comes out

    i have a PS2 for sale PM me if your interested
  16. My girlfriend and I have both the X Box and PS2.
    Hell, she plays console games as much as I do!
    However we do not have broadband for X Box live.

    We are awaiting the release of PS3 (Christmas...yeah right) before we decide on XBox 360 or PS3.....and it is likely the 360 will come down in price to compete with Sony.

    We tend to play X Box more than PS2.
    The X Box has better speed, graphics and better DVD playback according to specs and reviews.

    However, some game releases are exclusive to Sony or Microsoft so it is sound to consider both to own.

    For Example

    God Of War on PS2 - game of the year (top 3) is certainly a reason to own a PS2.
    Also Gran Turismo series.

    As for X Box only - Ninja Gaiden (which rocks) and Halo
    Having a harddrive to store music and save games etc is better than memory cards.

    Good luck....May the Force be with you
  17. Xbox rules by far! Why? XBMC (XBox Media Centre), about the best media centre device I've ever seen, streaming, avi's, dvds, mpegs, mp3's etc. etc. Connect it up to your home network and stream directly from your pooter or upload to it's internal hard disk. You'll need it to be chipped tho and XBMC (free) installed. Oh, the games are ok I guess, when I play one every 6 months or so :)

  18. I don't really play console games much anymore but i've got a chipped PS2 and my step brothers got an X-Box and out of the two i would go for the modified xbox everytime, the ability to store every game you want on the hard drive and microsoft seem to really be making big steps foward with their new releases while sony keep putting back their release dates :(

    Although i do like the smaller PS2 console and the controller more than the xbox.
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  20. Katamari Damarcy is only on PS2 :D