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XBOX nerds needed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed_User6, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. OK, The XBOX is saying need service 11 sometimes(verynow and then )
    now it is tempormental at reading the games.

    code 11 is suppose to be
    a) idc lead
    b) lens is dirty .

    the million $$$ question is "can you use a CD cleaner in the XBOX ?

    your help is appreciated .

    i am off to bed so i will check the post later tonight .

  2. The drive in an XBOX is simply a DVD-ROM with a few minor variations in the instructions it's given to read the disc, so i see no reason why you couldn't use a suitable DVD cleaner.

    I'm not an XBOX tech, but i've had plenty of CD & DVD drives die in the ass on me... sometimes those cleaners work, other times it needs to be fully disassembled and cleaned with 'dust-off' which is compressed CO2 (i think).
  3. So why did you need a nerd to tell you what’s wrong, there are lotsa non nerd XBOX owners you know
  4. http://xbox-scene.com/articles/errorcodes.php

    Few quick searches on google consistantly says this as the solution....

    Did anyone open the box and mess with the cables? Don't suppose its still under warruntee?
  5. I would not try opening it unless
    A, its out of warranty
    B, been modded to play backups etc (as that voids warranty anyway)
    As if you open it and it still has a warranty you can kiss that goodbye
  6. What about a temperamental drive where it will spit out the dvd/cd a few times before it decides to work?
  7. mmmm XBOX 360 is due soon, don't spend any money on an old one unless you have to

    {the preceding in not an unpaid Microsoft advertisement, I don't even own an XBOX}
  8. Where did I say to open it up? I was asking if it had previously been opened to see if we could determine if the cables to the DVD had been messed with(but I guess a heavy drop could have the same effect without opening it). If that wasn't the case then I'd be thinking that the drive itself was had it (did it start happening during the really hot spell we just had glen?) and would need to be replaced, which is where the question about the warruntee came into it.

    Also there are software mods for the xbox not just hardware ones so I'd be surprised if the software ones would viod the warruntee since they don't involve cracking open the case.

    I doubt using a DVD cleaner would have any impact since the problem seems to be that the drive itself is not detected during kernel execution so a clean lens shouldn't be an issue at this point. BUt I'm guessing since I don't have any direct knowledge of how xboxes work other than extrapolating from PCs.
  9. thanks for the help , ran a dvd cleaner through it .
    all the other games play perfectly but this one doesnt , swapped the disk this morning at the store ( brand new) and its still the same .
    wont play , but all the others including another new one bought yesterday ( boys christmas money) all work perfectly so I am assuming its not the IDC lead or the HD .
  10. I did not say that you where telling him to do it, but you did bring up the subject
  11. Just to be captain obvious

    nar doesn't sound like it......something with that disk it would seem.....try throwing it into another xbox if you can find one.
  12. Must be something to do with copy protection on that game.
    What game is it? Google it with "code 11" and you will probably find your not alone if that the case.

    Then call MS and have the kids winge at them for a few hours until they give in and send you free stuff :p
  13. !@#$%&* Microsoft, c'mon boys, where are all those LINUX geeks???
  14. Probably to busy finding out what broke with the latest kernel update :D :D :D
  15. there are a few different DVD drives on the xbox, some more troublesome than others. problem is, the most common one, is also the most troublesome :?

    error code 11 COULD be a cable problem, but its much more likely to be the drive itself. easy enuff to tell if the warranty is expired or voided, its the same as a standard IDE cable and easily replaced by one. i doubt its that tho, i've never had a cable fail but i've had multiple thompsons drives spit it.

    bit of a weird problem tho, are you saying it only does this when you have a particular game in there? because what you SHOULD be getting is a "the disc is dirty" error or something similar. i've heard of many peoples that have just gotten a new game and it wont read properly on the old drive, stick it in a samsung or phillips drive and it works a treat :? but error 11 is very much about the hardware, it cant comm with the drive and its not even getting to the disc :?

    and hornet, xbox 360 is a crock of shyte at the moment :LOL: no goddamn hacking support on it yet and a ridiculous price. xbox is still the best system out there because of what you can do with it.... even running linux :LOL:
  16. I thought the 360 was only going to be 649 for the premium pack with all the bells and whistles?? That's around how much the first model cost, isn't it? Considering whatt you get, that seems reasonable........

    {Still can't get hold of the guy with the sidecar, still trying, mate!}
  17. only? :LOL:

    you get a new xbox with a good phillips drive (all 1.6 boxes have the phillips drive) for $250ish or less. chuck $200 at it and you get a modchip and a good HDD chock to the brim with gear. i'm talking NES, SNES, MS, MD, PS1, MAME, Atari + all the little known ones and handhelds, literally tens of thousands of games. plus a media centre with the ability to play all region DVDs, divx, xvid, real media, quicktime and every other format i've thrown at it aswell as the audio and picture viewers. plus the ability to run a neat little linux package from a CD. plus the ability to 'backup' any retail game to your hdd so that you dont scratch/break discs.

    really, the 360 is just an xbox with slightly better graphics and wireless controllers as standard instead of having to buy them. any without all the xbox capabilities mentioned there :? once the price comes down and the workarounds become available for modding them (it will happen, just a matter of time) THEN it might be a worthwhile buy. but in the meantime, it really isn't anything special. especially for those with a PC that has better graphics and more games anyways :D

    and man, dont stress about the sidecar. whenever you can get in touch with him is fine. thanks HEAPS for keeping on the case for us, we really appreciate it fella :)
  18. hand up for being a Linux geek :p hehe
  19. That usually screams "Replace that crappy dvd/cd player you cheap bastard" :LOL:
  20. Put it down, put it down.... :grin:

    They might start with some of that wierd microsoft voodoo, and make us look out of windows... :LOL: Ewwww