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Xbox live?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doodlebug, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Anyone on here play COD4 on Xbox live by any chance? Just wondering :)

  2. Not COD4 yet, but I do play a bit of Xbox live. Currently waiting for a wireless adaptor though. You play anything else?
  3. Nope but if there is anyone who plays COD4 on the PS3, let me know :)
  4. as soon as I have cash for it mate, i'm sure you'll be battling my other half at some point lol
  5. hell yeah! just prestiged for the first time on the weekend. live play is he best thing about that game. GT is ronin11. feel free to add me.
  6. Consider it done Ronin :) Me and my best mate are currently around level 37. The online play is wicked fun :twisted:

    Edge - Ya GOTTA get this game! Save your pennies ;)
  7. Yeah I'm COD4 a bit. My XBL tag is Possibly Drunk, usually play Hardcore TDM.
  8. 2cc.. im 99% sure we have played together a couple times man!! at least once on BLOC that i can think of for sure.
  9. Ive just added you guys to my xbl, so if ya get some whinging pom requesting, thatll be me. Oh and I cant decide if I shoudl prestige or not! Im on level 55
  10. it depends.. i did it last sunday, already back to level 23. but saying that, you have to start with shit gun and crap perks etc.. it didnt worry me too much, but its not something that brings you any notoriety or anything.. so if you like the equipment you have, i wouldnt rush out to do it again. it also doesnt change your death/kill percentage or anything.

    also be aware, any points you earn over the level 55 when prestige mode is unlocked is lost when you prestige.. IE, you start at level 1 no matter what.
  11. Yeah thats the way I see it Ronin, I think Ill just stay at level 55 anyway. I was in a game with you last night but was un-politely asked to leave, so I did just that, Racism? haha, Nah man its cool.
  12. holy shit that was YOU?? sorry as hell man! if you knew you should have said something!! so sorry. i have a group of guys a normally play with.. we get into free for all and add each other, so we can kill each other and have a great time doing it. one of the people i was playing with is another member of here actually! the other 2 are randoms.
  13. Haha, Yeah man it was me, I just thought 'ah, I cant be doing with an arguement, ill just leave' lol, its not problem though man, another time for sure.

  14. should have said you were a netrider.. i would have shut up then lol.