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XBox 360 Game Recommendations

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by PatB, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. As it's coming up for the time of year when MrsB and I start asking each other what we want for Christmas, I'm after any recommendations as to good XBox 360 games that I might ask for.

    Just to narrow it down a bit, I'm after a first person shooter along the lines of Doom and Quake. I got Jericho last year, which was OK (but could have been a lot better if the characters weren't programmed to be suicidally idiotic).

    Preference is to kill monsters rather than humans but I could waive my rather feeble principles for the sake of an enjoyable, challenging game.

    As my exposure to games has been limited to date, it doesn't have to be a new release. Indeed, older games (hence cheaper) might let me have two rather than one.

  2. Lego Star Wars rocks :cool:

  3. You MUST get Call of Duty 4.
    It is great.
    I've played Halo 3 through and found it to be like 2... campaign is shit, only worth it if you're going to play on Xbox live.

    Army of Two is pretty cool if you've got someone else to play with who likes shoot 'em ups.

    I've gotten a lot of play out of Call Of Duty 4, Star Wars Lego, Guitar Hero 3, Indiana Jones Lego and Army of Two.
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  5. Unreal Tournament 3.
  6. bioshock....
  7. lego star wars is cool, great fun but my 8yr old kills me at it (his console!)

    I like my car race games too and there are many but I do like test drive unlimited and Project Gotham Racing 3 or 4. I used to dig the shoot-em-ups but find them overlly complicated these days (too old?)
  8. call of duty 4 is awesome.
    bioshock i thought was average, and couldnt get into it.
    quake 4 was great
    halo 3 was good, but finished it too quickly so maybe a bit too easy.

    gears of war is awesome. short,but worth every cent. its 18 months old and i still pay it, and better news, gears of war 2 is coming out some time later this year and promises to be better than the original.
  9. Same here!

    I might try persevering... seeing as I spent the cash on it, but I just haven't enjoyed what I've played of it, so far.
  10. i was lucky and played a friends version so i didnt waste the dollahs. its not even an original idea.. there was a game on the original xbox which was RP with the same idea.. ie DNA upgrades etc. cant remember what it was called though. cant believe it got such rave reviews and was such a next big thing before it was released

    condemned was another FP game i enjoyed, with a different nature. always struggling for ammo and ripping a bit of pipe to bludgeon some freak monster person ripped on gear was most satisfying. combine that with CSI and there you have it. also a second condemned is out, and meant to be better. i havent played that myself yet.
  11. Not a first but rather third person shooter.. You might like to try Lost Planet Colonies Edition. Cost $40. Campaign is not bad but its the most fun game I've found for online.
  12. Battlefield: Bad Company. It has a very good campaign, but the Live content is absolutely brilliant, leaves CoD4 for dead IMHO.