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Xavier kids go mental

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Loz, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Xavier high has just suspended its whole year 12 because they've gone completely bonkers on muck-up day.


    Personally, I think it's bloody brilliant, I love a good angry mob. That's down on Glenferrie road where it crosses under the freeway right? Must be something in the water down there.

  2. lol there is a difference between muckup day shenanigans, and farking up someones car, Loz :p

    hte bugger of a year before me, rooted ours. 80% of them were blind drunk when they rocked up in the morning, and made a fair mess hahaha.

    2 years before ours, a group came through in them iddle of the night, and placed garden gnomes all around the place, in random locations. on top of buildings, inside somehow, in gardens, all over the place. they school is still finding old ones around the place :LOL:

    best i ever heard, and i dont know ohw much of this is true, ubt a fair few years back one school went and broke into a competing local school, kidnapped the goat out of their farm (it was a community school i think), hoisted it onto the roof, broke in through the skylight, and lowered it into the locked principals office.

    suffice to say, it had made a bit of a mess of the room by the morning :grin:
  3. I slept through muckup day.

    Anyone who attended that muckup day, clearly didn't go to an awesome enough party the night before.
  4. Yeah... We had a stonehenge made out of lockers on the oval, a detour of chapel street traffic across the school oval and out the other gate, and a bright flouro green fountain that got the EPA's attention.

    But we never got on the news! Good on 'em!
  5. The kid who had his leg broken was a victim of bullying at that school and was the subject of a you tube video where he was beaten and placed an a wheelie bin or a bin of some type. Revenge maybe?
    Good to see that the selflessness of today's generation is shining through and their parent's money has gone to make these students the future pilars of society.
    Serves the farkers right.
  6. One of the mothers was on the radio this morning, she sounded rather proud... as she should be.

    We soaped up the main lino hallways and had a slip'n'slide - how were we to know that the flour we were covering everybody else in would mix with the soapy water and create a substantial mess? We then continued drinking in the staff room whilst the lower year levels cleaned up the paste and the other messes we created.

    Sadly that was the last year they allowed muck up day at that school.

  7. I think you've just given away which school you went to.... I was one of your neighbours!
  8. Jeeez your slacking.
    By the time you posted this, its 24 hrs old :p

    And the kids wouldn't give a toss about not being allowed on school grounds.
    Just a couple of days off to them.
  9. Oh. Um, sorry, if apologies are in order then!
  10. I didn't sleep for 3 days

    The party the night before was plenty awesome

    Awesome-O, even

  11. Bunch of little fcuking private school wankers. Muck up day is not about destroying property etc etc it is about letting go and having fun. These little toe rags should be well and truly given a right boot up their arses. Oh that's right we can't interfere with their freedom of expression, carry on. the future looks good hey! :roll:
  12. Our party started at 6am on muck-up day after we'd set the school up. We then gave the staff the middle-digit salute as we pissed off for the day. We adjourned to the cliff lookout at the Three Sisters and kicked things off with a Tequila Sunrise.

    Our setup of the school included a 3m long carpet of cowshit at every entrance, 20 sheep in the front grass courtyard that we weren't allowed to walk on and some graffiti(water soluble) on prominent school architecture. Unfortunately, some former students fcuked it up when unbeknownst to us, they broke in and literally shat on the principal's desk. An interview with the Police later that afternoon and we were in the clear!
  13. "A number of students contacted The Age to offer tell-all accounts of muck-up day behaviour in return for a fee. No payments were offered."
    what rich dads teach their kids that poor dads don't
  14. similar story at the school I work at.. its only getting so much attention because of its name.
  15. I think we may have gone to the same school...

    I don't think my year did anything too bad, we had the obligatory milk run, swapped lockers around (wheeled them across to the other side of the school, I dunno how kids found their lockers that day), threw water bombs and food at the younger year levels when they were heading home, blocked off the gate in the morning, filled the principals office with balloons - thousands of them. I'm sure there was more but can't remember.

    A couple years before some guys wrapped a portable completely in black plastic and wrote on the side 'Not so portable now is it?'. There was also one teachers car which every year was riced up with cardboard spoilers, skirts, hood scoops, the works!

    Overall nothing that pissed anyone off enough to get into any trouble.
  16. Had a few pranks at some of the other schools I worked at-

    1) On a grass bank they planted bulbs that spelt out "Goodbye from the class of 01" These grew in the spring 3mths after they had left.

    2) They covered the cricket square with plastic and covered it with 2 tonnes of soil and put some spades in it. From a distance it looked like they had dug up the cricket square. The groundsman went ballistic till he realised no damage had been done.

    3) They got hold of some wooden logs painted them white and pilled them up at the base of the flag pole and then removed the flag pole. Looked like they had chopped down the flag pole.

    4) Another group had broken into the headmasters private toilet and placed fire extinguiser foam addative to the cistern. So when it was flushed it would mix with water in the bowl and foam up. Imagine the scream that came from that toilet when it was flushed. We heard it in the staff room on the other side of the school.

    5) A member of staffs car (mini) had been carried into the hall. Could not be driven out. so the member of staff had to hirer the senior boys to carry it out for him.

    There are loads of others but none of the good pranks damaged any property.
  17. I am all for kids having fun, but littering the streets with smashed bottles, smashing up letter boxes, and damaging cars is not cool with me.

    You can bet your arse, that Xavier boys will not have the chance to do this next year.
  18. Wouldn't happen on the peninsula mate! :wink:
  19. We propped the back wheels of a teachers car so they were just off the ground but not noticeably so. His reaction when he tried to drive off was priceless.

    In my early days living and working in Canberra in a Commonwealth Hostel (Reid House) we did a lot worse. When you get a bunch of 18-25 year olds who are living away from home for the first time you get some interesting times. "Borrowing" a baby elephant from the circus camped next door and leaving it in a corridor was one of the more memorable ones. Strangely it was quite happy about it - it did leave great steaming piles of elephant poo on the tiles though. :LOL:

    Another one was hoisting a Norton Atlas 20 foot up a gum tree with a block and tackle and leaving it wedged in the fork of the tree.

    The place consisted of a series of about 8 parallel buildings with a central corridor and rooms opening off each side. It was in 1968 just at the start of the first motorcycle boom so there were quite a few bikes. Someone came up with the idea of a motorcycle drag race - one bike to each building starting at the front doors and finishing at the back. Went well except that one guy locked up his brakes, dragged the carpet up and took out a long length of plasterboard wall. No one was terribly worried - we took up a collection and paid for the damage. The only repercussion was a new sign that went up saying that "Riding Motorcycles in the corridors is forbidden". :LOL:
  20. The mini one is a good one, when we were on grade 6 camp we got one of our teacher's cars [morris minor] and turned it around in the car park. He was wedged in and of course we strapping young lads came to his "rescue" but only after we were granted permission to watch Countdown on the TV that night. aaahhh 1977 what a year :LOL: :LOL:

    The true prank are ones that are just that, pranks. We can laugh an enjoy them and some of the creativity shown shows a great future for OZ.

    But as I have said it before, these little wankers who want to destroy and vandal things and then claim that it's the schools fault because they don't love them enough, well wake up little boys the world doesn't love you and will chew you up and spit you out if you try that crap in your professional lives.