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X-Men Origins - Wolverine . . . . review

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. I've just got a copy that was leaked on the internet !

    I'm only 10mins into it . . . . friggen awesoooome !!!

    Definitely worth watching on the big screen !

  2. most of the copies out at the moment micky are the ones that aren't finished yet. missing some special effects and a few scenes. apparently they are chasing down the culprits pretty hard cause they are worried about bad press from an unfinished, un-solicited release. so if you do take it, don't upload it anywhere. they are the ones that they are tracking down. the ones that share it.

    p.s. i'm absolutely hanging to see it though!!!
  3. Dont upload... Just make copies for us instead :-w

    Sounds like an awesome movie though
  4. yeah, there is a bit of CGI missing, not too much.

    The movie is a little dark like Dark Knight, they have done a great job with it. Looks like 20th Century Fox has a winner . . . . I guess there will be other "origins" movies coming out.
  5. sa-weet. thanks for the review micky :) gonna try to steal out on a boys night out to go see it :) then se ehow i feel after that before gettin it.

    anyone seen Fast and Furious yet?? the other movie i'm dying to see... not to hijack the thread of course :roll: :-w
  6. Awesome movie guys !
    Before I nerd it up and discuss the movie, i'll wait for more people to see it !
    (then i'll resurect this thread :p)

    X-Men fans will love it, original characters like Gambit appears.

    All i can say is, the ending can lead to more prequels and follow on movies.
    Kinda like the Ironman/Hulk/SHIELD franchise of movies coming out soon !
  7. \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ \:D/ woot woot. Gambit is my fave character!!! Now you are just rubbing it in he he. time to bribe the missus ;)
  8. We'll be waiting for the big screen version....movies like that need to be seen as they were intended. Big, loud and with lots of other people!
  9. Yup this one is on my to see on the big screen list, as is the new Star Trek flick as well \:D/
  10. yep, those mentioned and Fast & The Furious 4 ! :grin:

    When watching Wolverine, watch the background - those familiar with Sydney will notice a few streetscapes and uncommon landmarks. Not as bad as Matrix, you really have to look hard this time.
  11. Cool, thanks for the heads up I'm downloading it now.

    Will definitely be going to see it when it comes out though, its just one of those movies.
  12. Does Hugh do a song and dance number in a tux and tails at the start? :LOL:

    (Dunno about Wolverine, but I'm looking forward to watching Bladerunner on the new TV daughter and son-in-law delivered here today :wink:.)
  13. you serious? it was the biggest POS i ever saw.

    so crappy quality effects,acting,directing, so so bad
  14. I hope you're using PeerGuardian or something because they'll be logging IPs on this one.
  15. Or a private site :cool:
  16. Half the time PeerGuardian doesn't do what it says...

    I'm waiting for a good copy to come out before watching this. I wanna see Blisteringly Sharp effects and wild surround sound, I've heared a couple of people now say its really good...
  17. Peer Gaurdian, is not perfect. Your best bet is to strangle the uploads and pay the penance in the download speed. Or go to your local dodgey market seller. I am sure to if you look hard enough you'll find it on a place like rapid share, or maybe even via ALLUC.
  18. yeah, after watching it a few times . . . . it is pretty ordinary, like not as awesome as say Ironman or Snakes on the Plane ! :grin: I guess the start got me going.

    The ending it good but, the twist at the end and storyline to how he lost his memory.
  19. ^^^ Did you just state Snakes on a Plane was decient??? :shock:

    I can't seem to find any sarcasm in your post... OMG