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WYD: A dissenting voice from within...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. A Mt Druitt (NSW) priest has described WYD as an embarrassment and a scandal :shock:

    CATHOLIC priest has spoken out against the large amount of money being spent on World Youth Day, calling it an embarrassment and a scandal for the church.

    Father Peter Confeggi has told Fairfax newspapers the money could be better spend on struggling parishes like his in Mount Druitt, which is one of the most disadvantaged in Sydney.

    He says some of the money could also be directed to helping the 120,000 homeless people in Australia.

    Father Confeggi says there's also large dissatisfaction with the kind of spirituality that will be taught during the event, with fears that it will be a right wing brand of Catholicism.

    It's estimated that about $130 million is going to the five-day event in Sydney, which begins on July 15.

    The New South Wales Government is putting in $86 million and the Federal Government $20 million, with the rest coming from church coffers.

  2. I might add that I would be equally incensed if the Anglican or Baptist or Uniting Church was bunging on a religious festival and having the Governments of the day foot the bill; it's obscene whichever way you cut it.
  3. why the hell (heh :oops: ) is the goverment paying $106mill for this event???
    that is ridiculous.... beyond a joke.
  4. I saw a forum signiture the other day....

    Sponsor a lion today, World youth day, 200,000 catholics in 1 place!

    Now I was raised catholic, but this is friggin stupid. Would the govt foot the bill if Muslim leaders wanted hold a WJD?
  5. Of course not. The get-out clause, of course, is that the Pope is a political leader.....
  6. security mate....chocos aren't cheap ;)
  7. Shhh lads! You don't want to annoy them now, do you...
  8. Morris Iemma is a Roman Catholic. Does that have anything to do with it?
  9. probably
  10. Am I the only person that sees the irony of World Youth Day revolving around a 81 year old man...

    ... who is probably Darth Sideous from Star Wars.

  11. Mate, you probably are the only one.
  12. ^^well it looks like he's found the dark side^^

    I was under the impression that the catholic church was the richest organisation on the planet.The influence that religion has on governments is disgraceful.
  13. I vote and I am opposed to WYD.
  14. World Youth Day - is this the Catholic priest equivalent of RSVP?
  15. :rofl:


    or Jewish leaders, or Hindus. :roll:
  16. That reminds me, in the spirit of this and the other WYD thread...there are t-shirts being made to 'annoy' those at WYD. Not too outwardly offensive, just something to challenge the law. See some of them here:


    $5,500 - A small price to pay for annoying Catholics
    I survived a Christian Breothers education
    Oh no, I stepped in Dogma!
  17. Hope the Chasers boys have some plans to have fun with this event, as they did with APEC.
  18. I bet they don't; the ABC is far to precious to upset the Catholic church.
  19. I'm not Catholic, nor do I give a toss about WYD but I find a protestant reverend bagging the Catholic church a touch distasteful. You should be above all this Paul.
    as for the rest of you, as you were :)