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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by parko, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Hey All, if your looking for motorcycle parts and stuff then check out this site Third Gear. I've just bought myself some nice bar end mirrors (that can fold in to lane split more easily) for a fraction of the price that you can find on ebay (or else where for that matter). I've pretty much done the same as what [URL="]this bloke as done[/URL] with the indicators and mirrors, but for a fraction of the price (assuming retail cost in aussie dollars for the parts he has used).


  2. WOAH! Thanks for sharing. Some of this stuff is REALLY cheap !
  3. No it isn't.
  4. You also get what you pay for.

    I got their $30 two piece rain suit via ebay a month ago - it was OK, but a 10hr ride in the rain to Phillip Island 2 weeks ago left the internal waterproof lining of the jacket dissolving into smithereens ... aside from the misery of a soaked body and clothes in 10deg temps and rain, what a mess the black bits falling out made ... I guess it was because i was wearing a smallish backpack underneath the rain jacket and the rain was unrelenting, but was expecting it to stand up to the elements a bit better ...
  5. ISCN, I've bought the cheaper ebay (in price only, the quality I can't fault) bar ends and while they're fantastic for the price and all, you can't fold them in to filter/split. Because of that I just leave them in at home after using them for a couple of weeks. Occassionaly I'd just leave the right one on (easier to filter/split) but have stuck with "stem" mirrors for now.

    I might keep looking online for a while for foldable mirrors or just buy a pair of these. Parko, let us know how you go with them.
  6. meh, is there $25 worth of difference? you could glue a shaving mirror to your glove and just use that I suppose.
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    He wasn't ripped off - it was a different product as my Bradford Twist Bar End Mirrors fold in unlike the ones you quoted. I wouldn't consider supporting a small Australian based business vs. a tax free Hong Kong seller being ripped off either. I offer a full warranty and Australian support... Further to that, if someone isn't happy with a product it can be returned in original packaging for a full refund. No questions asked.

    Why would you make having a smaller product range a negative? I put quite a bit of work into every product I import. As for being around since July - so what.

    Email me directly sales@thirdgear.com.au regarding the fault in the rain suit. I'm happy to assist and provide warranty on all my gear but I can only do that if you contact me and give me a chance to help.

  8. I bought those same mirrors from ThirdGear. Very happy with the service and the mirrors are perfectly fine. Just don't try to use them on a vibey as hell race bred motard without some serious loctite attention as mine shook them to peices lol.

    On a normal road bike they'd be excellent :)
  9. I think the first OP and replying person should be banned...obvious as hell plug for an over priced rubbish vendor.
  10. Ouch! :eek:
  11. u seem to want to have a lot of people banned here lately smokae??? thank god your not a mod, would be no members left :D
  12. Care to leave your oversensitive opinions to yourself?
    So far the only one close to being suspended is you for making frivolous complaints and wishing death on fellow riders.
  13. Seems every time a vendor comes on board with items that the netrider community can buy you always have negative comments to make. eg Motolegion and his products.
  14. I never said permanent ban ;) I come from another forum where 'holidays' were met out where there were blatant plugs for vendors.

    I was given the impression 'the dues' had not been paid for these (overpriced) products and it came across very suss that two members so quickly came to proclaim the quality and value...

    I made two, 2, reports of legitimate breaches of the T&C. But you exercised your discretion in determining there was no breach. Hard to say 'frivolous', more so "determined not to be a breach".

    Please don't twist my words. There has been discussion that Moderators will never edit a member's post to change what they 'say', so please, by extension, don't go around the rule by stating in your own words what I have allegedly said and leaving it so open to interpretation that is completely within your control.

    You don't follow my posts closely enough.

    A) It was about one line of his products, which I still disapprove of his distributing

    8) I'm quite supportive of his helmet products

    So we've got one vendor, 1, and you say "every time a vendor". Right. Sure. Thanks for another misleading statement....

    Nawww, they go to a padded room for a night and come back cured.
  15. If a customer has a problem with a product or my service they can contact me directly at sales@thirdgear.com.au . All goods are covered under a 12 month manufacturers warranty which is held with Third Gear Australia.

    If you have personally had a problem with my products or services please contact me directly for further assistance. Happy to help mate!

  16. There is not one shop in Australia that is cheap and good value. Put simply, Australia has too many import taxes, duties and GST, not to mention shop mark ups to be cheap.

    I will never buy from an aussie shop until the prices resemble what the product is worth and compared to USA prices. Not to mention, this shop has nothing!
  17. I think the exception to that should be "If the product is MADE in Australia and the company is Australian owned, and the products are of comparable utility and quality".