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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by duncan_bayne, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. I placed an order with them on the 28th August. I received an email saying the items would ship on the 9th September. On the 11th September I received an email saying the new shipping date was the 21st.

    At that point I emailed them to confirm the shipping date of the 21st. By the 25 I'd had no reply, so I raised a non-receipt case with PayPal. Three days later and still no reply, so I've escalated it to a claim for a refund.

    Hunting around online I've found a few people who have been burned in a similar way by www.oemmotorparts.com, and who've had to resort to PayPal claims to get their money back.

    Buyer beware indeed ...

    (In other news, anyone know where I can get my hands on some balancer springs for a 2007 Cagiva Mito without buying an entire factory overhaul kit?)
  2. Re: Avoid www.oemmotorparts.com

    Bummer mate. Still having trouble finding those parts?
  3. Re: Avoid www.oemmotorparts.com

    Seems I might have been a bit pessimistic. PayPal contacted the seller who immediately provided a shipping number. It seems it's okay to ignore my repeated emails and contacts for a fortnight, but when PayPal comes knocking it's a different story.

    Anyhow I'll post updates here. I've had fake shipping numbers from sellers before so I'm not holding my breath, but at least they've shown a willingness to reply to PayPal.
  4. Re: Avoid www.oemmotorparts.com

    Or maybe not ... the shipping number they provided seems bogus. I couldn't track it through the UPS website, & PayPal couldn't through their systems either. The seller is being given three days to provide genuine proof of shipment.


    Although at least PayPal are being very helpful.
  5. Re: Avoid www.oemmotorparts.com

    You gotta wonder why sellers try it on??!
  6. Re: Avoid www.oemmotorparts.com

    Probably because they know how much it costs to get from Australia to the Netherlands ](*,)

    I'm sure this sort of stuff happens less frequently on local sales where the seller has a registered business address.
  7. Re: Avoid www.oemmotorparts.com

    A few other people who've been scr*wed by www.oemmotorparts.com:



    Love the bit about spending all his money in 'medicins' ... that was one angry poster.
  8. Re: Avoid www.oemmotorparts.com

    Further update: www.oemmotorparts.com haven't responded to PayPal's request to verify the shipping details, which makes it look increasingly likely that they're bogus. Pr*cks. Anyhow, they have until tomorrow then PayPal will close down the transaction and refund me.

    I've also contacted the Netherlands Consumer Authority to file a complaint against them.
  9. Re: Avoid www.oemmotorparts.com

    Final updates: the parts arrived! Despite the seller not replying to any of my emails, and giving a tracking number that didn't work, it turns out he had actually shipped.

    On the phone now to cancel the PayPal claim, as my attempts to cancel it on the PayPal site failed. I've found PayPal to be very helpful, but their website is quite buggy (the 6 digit PIN system just wasn't working yesterday).
  10. I've asked the mods to change the title of the thread ... I'd definitely use them again, now that I know that they do ship the parts eventually, but they don't reply to enquiries.
  11. Had a few orders like that from various places. Wrong shipping info, cant contact them, lots of abuse, then the parts turn up.
    Eat my own words. :p