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www.motorama.it review

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Respi, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Firstly and most importantly - 100% legit!!!

    It all started with me wanting boots from SIDI that only seemed to be available from Italy. I googled extensively whether the business was legit but I couldn't find bike sites extensively endorsing them so I took the risk.

    They responded promptly to all my questions and I can now say that they are 100% real and insanely fast to ship. From order confirmation to my door it took only 5 days...

    My advice - buy with 100% confidence as these guys are great!

    P.S my order was for Sidi Vortice Vernice Airs which retail for 600+. Delivered to my door for 450... image.
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  2. Noice. When your leg was in a plaster cast did you paint it fluro?
  3. Yeeeeeeuuup lol
  4. Hey Andy,

    Happy to see you got your boots without any problems.


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  5. What are the Vortice boots like to walk around in?
  6. Not the most comfortable, squeaky as hell to once you have ridden in them for a bit. Ok to stop of and grab lunch some where or something but if you were a courier or some such I wouldn't want to wear em.
  7. I look at them from a racing perspective only. Good feel and great protection! If you want a boot to walk around in I'd look elsewhere as these are pure race boots.
  8. Thanks for sharing the info...........

    Mentally recorded.......cheers :D
  9. I'm tempted to go for them just for the protection and feel that you mention even though I would never be racing in them.
  10. The vortice vernice airs have perforated leather on top of the multi vent holes which is awesome as long as its not pissing down.. If your concerned about wet toes then look at the vortice vernice.

    Have you owned sidi before?