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Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by shadowarrior, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]


    saw it couple of days back in Chapel St...are they even road legal ? :|

  2. Loz's pure blonde mod still beats that :p
  3. loz stuck a beer bottle on his bike? to mix fuel with beer !?!?!? :| :shock:
    that could only be loz :p
  4. That seems rather bold of him! If I understand correctly he's not allowed to have it hooked up on the road...?

    So I guess if he put it there for looks and didn't connect it he wouldn't be fined, but if it's hooked up...

    Lets just say I wouldn't be putting it in plain view... :LOL:
  5. :rofl: Looks like another case of "trying to make up for a lack of something" to me. :jerk:
  6. LMAO :rofl:

    You guys are funny... but seriously :? , you do realise that's probably just a radiator overflow bottle with the brand NOS sticker on it....

    Actual NOS comes in a pressurised container like an LPG tank, if you look at the connection its not a gas connection.
  7. I know nothing about NOS, but that doesn't look right. What kind of bike was it?
  8. it was a Honda....
    the thought of it NOT being NOS did come to my mind...but...... :|
  9. Love the 'can on it. Wonder if I can fudge something like that exhaust on my Hornet?...
  10. What's the canister at 45 degrees just behind the 'nos' bottle? That looks a bit more like a gas fitting to me...
  11. In NSW you may have the injectors and other parts of the nitrous oxide system fitted to a road driven vehicle provided a bottle is not connected.

    In Victoria it is forbidden to have any part of a nitrous oxide system installed to a road driven vehicle, regardless of whether it's primed for use or not.
  12. Aluminium budweiser bottles are good for catch cans too.
  13. Saw the same bike parked at the front of my office in ivanhoe.



  14. It only winds up the people that have no clue.
  15. There is actually a gas bottle there mounted at an almost standard orientation for NOS (Connection facing forward). Dunno what that bottle is with the NOS sticker on it though.

    ..and the gas bottle looks suspiciously like the ones from a Soda Stream... :LOL: