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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by brokey, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. From the Age today

    Can anyone explain to me why a pedestrians death is counted in the road toll? Was she speeding??

  2. Because she was involved in an accident with a vehicle. Pedestrians are considered road users in certain circumstances.
  3. Had she been hit by a non moving vehicle her death would not have been recorded, nor would she/family be entitled to TAC funding.

    My son was on his pushy and he hit a moving car ... TAC informed me that had the car been stationary even though about to pass through the lights he would not have been covered. Therefore ambulance to nearest hospital cost and the hospital Xrays and service billed to me also.

    Moral of the story if you have to hit a car ... which I hope and pray that no one does ... make sure it/you are moving.
  4. looks pretty obvious to me that she was killed on a road, seems like the ROAD toll is the perfect place to count it
  5. how can someone be hit by a non moving vechicle?
  6. I too questioned that but hey.....................best I keep quiet.
  7. People can (and do) back into cars or run up the arse of parked cars. There is also a serious epidemic of people running around headbutting cars :D
  8. that sounds similar to a what happened to a bloke that went to my school. it was a few years ago now so the details are a fit fuzzy, but i think pretty much the same thing happened and he ended up a paraplegic and was refused any assistance because the driver of the car wouldn't fess up to being on the move at the time :? i could be wrong about the story though, it was a few years ago now and i have killed a few brain cells since then :oops:

    do you know anything more about that lady that got killed? ie, did she step out of a blind spot not looking or was he just not paying attention etc? sounds pretty damn nasty, i can imagine a 70 year old wouldn't be much of a match for a cement truck :?
  9. Why should it be that non-motoring fatalaties be recorded as a road toll statistic?
    If you remove all of those people who met the demise whilst walinkg/running/pushbiking on the road, the toll stats might seem a little clearer.
  10. Then you hit them, you still weren't hit by a non moving vehicle!
  11. I heard on the news last night that it seemed she was a foreign visitor and that she crossed against a 'red man'....

    :? :? :?
  12. Why should it be that non-motoring fatalaties be recorded as a road toll statistic?
    If you remove all of those people who met the demise whilst walinkg/running/pushbiking on the road, the toll stats might seem a little clearer.[/quote]

    :idea: You should be a politician :idea: , and make some nice fudge brownie figures :)
  13. You chase parked cars and you'll end up looking like a pug.
  14. you said it yourself, they were killed on the road. that's what the road toll is.

    I'd say that the death is directly related to cars and the road e.g. a few things that could help prevent such deaths:
    - better braking system/tyres
    - better visibility at the intersection
    - lower speed limit
    - rules about fitting of towbars
  15. Lower speed limits! Bullshit ride/drive down FTG Rd during school 40km's time the only person you'll see observing the 40k's is me I'm now getting scared of being wiped out for doing the right thing to keep my brief!

    Don't let foreigners off the plane until they know the road rules, teach parents not to to yell at their kids to hurry up & cross the road cause safe crossing takes a few minutes longer!

    Teach road workers to put up reduced speed limit signs only when they're actually working on the road and don't leave them there after they've gone home or are busy leaning on their shovels!

    And last but not least teach trees & lamp posts to cross the road only when safe to do so!

    Riding in peak hour traffic is so much easier cause you expect everyone to do the wrong thing!

    Stepping down from my soapbox!
  16. So when the State or Fed Gov Ministers announce another years road toll is high and they need to counteract that with draconian measures such as lower speeds zones, more "speed/safety" cameras, double demerit point weekends etc, etc, etc, you will not complain?
    Extract those stats that don't involve driving such as pedestrians and lets see what the stats show.
  17. Col, from what i'm reading noone is saying they agree with new road mesaures etc that need to be taken, just clarifying why she is part of the road toll.

    If we take out peds, pushies etc from the road toll do we then take out poeple that have an accident riding/driving down a back road in the middle of nowhere?

    Do we also take out the unlicensed portion of sciety as they legally shouldn't be there anyways?

    Perhaps the road toll needs to be segregated a bit more rather than a blanket figure but I daresay admin costs and the too hard basket would come into play then.

    Having said that, an analysis of the road toll would be a bloody great idea, then people rather than knowing 442 people died on our roads to date they would know that of these so many were peds, so many elderly etc. Might alert vulnerable road users to be a bit more careful perhaps.
  18. Gotta agree, mickdundee. The Govt releases stats on most susceptible profiles (eg fat, sedentary old bald bastards = heart attack- christ Vic - we're in trouble) to allow the most affected to wake up.

    Not a great beleiver in conspiricy theories, but ther must be a reason the Govt does not release the info. The breakdowns would be there for them (can you imagine a govt dept NOT into stats and actuarial "stuff"?). Maybe it so they can have the public more readily accept the increasingly restrictive (and nonsenical) policies?